Tuesday, March 28th

At the penthouse, Chelsea can’t believe Chloe would do something so horrific. Nick can – and if she killed Adam she could hurt someone else, he worries.

Victor thinks Chloe delusional if she believes she’ll have her happily ever after. How happy will Kevin be if he finds out that you helped me put Adam behind bars? Yeah, well, Chloe knows Victor’s secrets too – and won’t hesitate to obliterate his life. Victor’s left smirking in the park.

Arriving at CL’s, Sharon sarcastically thanks Scott (the ‘genius’) for all his help with her psych essay. Look at my mark. You got an -A, Scott doesn’t see the problem.

Strolling through the park, Mariah’s on her phone – no, she’s not changing her relationship status. Why? Has Devon? Not online – but he has in his heart. They then discuss what to do on their first date.

Ending the kiss, Jordan says he shouldn’t have done that – it’s not professional. The place is empty – if you want to play with fire, let’s light it up, Hilary’s quite eager.

Now home, Victor hears about Nikki finding Reed’s new music teacher (Tessa) playing outside CL’s and disapproves of her bringing a stranger into the house.

On the CL’s patio, Reed asks Tessa about playing tonight’s open mic at Underground (which his Uncle owns and his cousin MC’s)

Scott thinks Sharon should be ecstatic about getting an A-minus. Sharon knows HER work isn’t worthy of such a high mark – that’s YOUR work. You’re a bright, capable woman, Scott lists all the roles Sharon’s juggling. The pep talk works – but hearing that Scott will be writing Victor’s autobiography, Sharon zones out and overfills his coffee cup.

Nick lists what they know Chloe did to Adam – she’s capable of more. Chelsea’s good at reading people; she’d know. Chloe’s my best friend – we do everything together. There’s no way!

Chloe’s so happy that Kevin’s home ~kiss~ Forget binge watching TV – she wants to get married – tonight.

Nikki didn’t give Tessa the gate code or safety box combination. The only keys she’ll be using are on the piano. No need for a background check. She’s a stranger, Victor repeats. Nikki’s a good judge of character – I like her, Reed likes her. OK, Victor has other things on his mind. Answer honestly – am I a truthful person?

Chloe wants to elope to Vegas – we can use Victor’s jet. Or – Mike can get ordained online. Kevin’s puzzled – what’s going on with you? Chloe now suspects that Kevin’s stalling because of what Gloria said.