Monday, March 27th

Chelsea comes downstairs to apologize. This whole thing is … just … I know, Nick gives her a hug.

At the park, Chloe flashes back to confronting Victor in the hospital – Adam IS a murderer – he didn’t kill Constance, but he killed my little girl. Now remembering shooting Adam, she rummages around in her big black back (as if about to throw something out) Victor appears.

On the patio, Mariah and Devon have an awkward conversation about their kiss. He’s planning to start a company with his Dad. Both are glad they don’t have to engage in dating small talk. Even if ‘this’ goes straight to hell, both want to remain friends.

Hair down and suit jacket off, Hilary’s posing all over the station (much to Jordan’s appreciation) As she rambles on about not being a real ‘star’, he kisses her.

The sight of you stirs a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, Victor growls. He feels true remorse over Adam’s demise – not Chloe, you’re elated. You’re a monster. Chloe doesn’t care that Victor’s full of venom and skulking around the park – I’m engaged, she shows off her ring. And I owe it all to you (for getting me out to frame Adam) I got my daughter back – and Kevin too.

Chloe’s my best friend, my co-worker – closer than a sister, Chelsea’s near tears. Nick can’t let it go – your best friend may have murdered your husband.

Next: First official date, Mariah asks. Yes, Devon confirms (as they walk outside) …. Hilary and Jordan are almost naked at GC Buzz… Tessa was playing outside the coffee house for tips, Nikki informs. In other words, you brought a stranger into our home, Victor’s not pleased…. Chloe’s request puzzles Kevin – I want to get married tonight.