Tuesday, March 28th

At Underground, Reed introduces Noah to Tessa. No, she’s not here to perform, just to watch. If you change your mind, Noah will put her at the top of the list. When Mariah and Devon arrive, she’s introduced as Noah’s pushy sister – Mariah then introduces Devon as a billionaire. He owns buildings and TV shows – well his wife does now… somebody help me (she doesn’t seem able to control her blathering) Noah leads Mariah away to calm her down. He’s pleased to hear that she and Devon are on a date.

Things get heated at GC Buzz as Hilary and Jordan kiss and shed clothes.

At the bar, Tessa’s excited to realize that she’s chatting with ‘Hell on Heels – you’re Faceplant Mariah!’ Yes, she’s seen the video – a thousand times. You rock! (for getting back up and finishing the show) Downplaying her fame, Mariah confides that she used to clean the floors and toilets at this very club – now she co-hosts a TV show – anything’s possible.

Nick understands that Chelsea doesn’t want to believe the worst – but Chloe lied about the tracker and being near the cabin. You’ve tried and convicted her! Chelsea knows Chloe would never hurt her or Connor. Maybe her cell phone got stolen – maybe someone’s trying to frame her. Nick concludes that they need answers – I’ll call Paul. No! Chelsea yelps.

Kevin assures Chloe that his Mom has no influence over him. It’s not just Gloria – Chloe knows everyone thinks she’s crazy. Bella can’t get playdates because of it. People only remember what she did to Adam. Being sane isn’t a headline – I’ll be ‘Crazy Chloe’ for life.

Nikki thinks Victor can be truthful but he can also be ‘less than forthcoming’. Only for the benefit of my family, he adds. Nikki realizes that Victor might be struggling with what to include (or omit) from his biography. No, Victor wants to publish the unvarnished truth (from the objective viewpoint of Scott Grainger)

Based on her reaction, Scott guesses that Sharon won’t be first in line to buy a copy of Victor’s memoirs. She warns there’ll be a few chapters on her marriages to Newman men. Meh, Scott worked on a book with the psycho who stole him at birth – and Victor’s agreed to be objective. He’ll manipulate you and the facts, Sharon warns. On cue, Scott gets a summons from Victor. Be careful, Sharon reiterates. Never, Scott quips as he leaves.

Naked beneath a blanket on a sofa at GC Buzz, Hilary asks Jordan if all his photoshoots end like this. Jordan thinks her beautiful and Devon’s an idiot for ever making Hilary feel less than breathtaking. When he fetches his camera to capture this moment forever, Hilary frowns – you want to take pictures of me – like this?

Tessa’s surprised when Noah (thanks to Reed) calls her up to the stage. At the bar, Devon tells Mariah that he’s thinking of starting up another music label – Tessa has a lot of potential. All applaud as the shy songstress wraps it up.

Kevin gives Chloe a pep talk – he’s so proud of her for coming back to face everyone. You’re rational and balanced. Chloe hopes that after they’re married, people will look at her the way Kevin does. You don’t need a wedding ring to prove how normal you are, Kevin reassures.

Chelsea tells Nick that if they go to the police, Kevin will be the one to go through the video footage etc. He’ll tell Chloe and she’ll think we don’t believe her. We don’t, Nick points out. No – YOU don’t – Chelsea knows her best friend didn’t murder her husband. In my heart, I’d KNOW.

Arriving at CL’s, Devon’s telling Mariah about a girl who once couldn’t carry a tune but had some success after he started working with her. He had a good time tonight. Mariah did too. And now Devon gives Mariah an official first date kiss – which Sharon appears to witness.

The pictures will be tasteful and artistic, Jordan promises Hilary (who’s never done anything like this before) They’ll be for YOUR private collection, Jordan vows. OK, get my good side, Hilary drops the blanket to pose naked.

As Reed spots a friend, Noah’s left to chat with Tessa (who thinks Genoa City should be called Newman City) Her family? They’re nothing like the Newmans, she replies vaguely.