Wednesday, March 29th

Nick finds Chelsea at the studio, working on Chloe’s wedding dress. She doesn’t have time to talk right now. OK, what Nick has to say won’t take long.

At the GCAC, Abby updates her Mom that she took her advice and went ahead with her project; NE investing in the future of entrepreneurs. Vikki didn’t like the idea because it wasn’t hers – my sister will be blown away when I pull this off, Abby’s confident.

Vikki arrives at BnS to inform Cane that she’s interviewing Juliet today (though she’s not as experienced as other candidates) Vikki has full confidence in Cane; he doesn’t have to prove himself to her.

All smiles, Lily bumps into Jordan at CL’s – she’s very happy that Hilary’s only taking GC Buzz as her divorce settlement. If you had anything to do with that, thank you.

Arriving at Jabot, Jack wonders how long Neil’s been waiting for him. Informed that Ashley offered him a job, Jack guesses it’s to babysit him. Neil confides that Ashley is concerned about Jack’s decisions; hiring Gloria – and exacting revenge on Billy. He declined the job and wouldn’t undermine his friend Jack. Plus, Neil’s excited about a new opportunity.

Ashley’s sure Abby can overcome Victor’s doubts about her project. Abby blabs that Vikki was boasting about putting one over on Billy (the hockey deal) She said that Jack was ‘careless’ but didn’t specify what she had over him. Ashley concludes that Vikki really is her Father’s daughter.

Juliet’s at BnS for her interview. Cane’s a huge supporter, Vikki comments – then excuses herself to take a call. Cane tells Juliet not to be nervous. Looking over her resume, he’s impressed – you speak fluent Japanese and are eager to learn. You’ve got this, Cane says as he tucks the label of Juliet’s dress in.

Seated on the CL’s patio, Jordan tells Lily that he did indeed have a great night (a photoshoot he can’t really talk about) He’s getting lots of requests about Lily – after your 2-year contract’s up with BnS you can be as famous as you want to be.

Back at Chelsea’s studio, Nick can’t bring himself to apologize for suspecting Chloe but he’s sorry about hurting Chelsea so won’t bring it up anymore. Chelsea relays how much Chloe’s helped her. She’s not the same person who pulled a gun on Adam and tried to run him over – please, drop it. Agreeing not to discuss it, they’re about to kiss when Chloe arrives.

Jack’s thrilled to hear that Neil’s going into business with his son. We’ll be acquiring companies, Neil explains – Devon has deep pockets and is ready to jump into a new venture. As long as it’s not cosmetics, Jack jokes.