Tuesday, March 28th

Nikki graciously welcomes Scott into her home and with Victor busy on his phone, Scott instantly detects that she has reservations about Victor writing his autobiography.

As Devon excuses himself to take a call, Sharon sits with Mariah to express her surprise (and concern that they’re moving too fast) We have fun together – no pressure, Mariah will bail if she’s the ‘rebound chick’. She’s not looking to get her heart broken.

Hilary wants the memory card. No problem (Jordan hands it over) These photos are for your eyes only. When can I see you again? You’ll definitely hear from me soon, Hilary sends Jordan off with a kiss (and is left at GC Buzz wearing nothing but the blanket)

Back at the ranch, Nikki warns Scott that working with Victor won’t be a picnic. She worries how people will judge her husband’s truth. Scott thinks people are favourable if one’s open and honest. Victor returns to agree to Scott’s terms – full access to family, friends and enemies. Nikki looks troubled as the men shake hands.

Chloe’s sorry for being a ‘bridezilla’. Kevin just wants a few days to rally their friends and family – to be there when he vows to protect and love Chloe; all he’s ever wanted to do.

Grief took over my life, Chelsea tells Nick how depressed she was. I can’t go back to that place. Forget this silly evidence you think you have against Chloe – for me, please, she implores. OK, for you, Nick won’t take his suspicions to the police (and is rewarded with a hug and a kiss) Get some rest, Nick instructs – I’ll call you tomorrow. In the hallway, Nick looks at the tracking device in his hand. It’s clear he wants to continue investigating.

Next: Your family. Ashley offered me a job, Neil informs Jack…. Jordan – Your contract will be up in a couple of years. Then you can work as much as you want – be as famous as you want … Chelsea confronts Chloe: You were a half a mile away from the cabin an hour before the explosion. Why didn’t you tell me that?

My Thoughts: Odd that when Tessa asks Reed if his whole family’s into music, he only mentions Uncle Nick singing in the car – and does NOT mention that both his Dad (JT) and his cousin Noah both had recording contracts at one time. Weird that Devon would tell Mariah the story about him representing ‘a girl’ (Angelina) who put out some records – also and not mention that he represented her half brother Noah or that his sister Ana is an accomplished singer. If Devon wants to start up a new label, will he be in competition with his bio-Dad’s company Resurrection Music (under McCall Unlimited)?…. When Tessa implied that it’s hard to get anywhere without connections, Mariah talked about cleaning toilets at Underground – leaving out her familial connection to its owner Nick …. Hilary tells Jordan that she’s ‘never done anything like this before’ – forgetting that she drugged Cane and took photos to make it look like they were in bed together. Posing naked is hardly the worst thing Hilary’s ever done… Nick promised that he wouldn’t take his suspicions to the police – but he didn’t promise to drop the investigation…. Does it really matter what mark Sharon gets in her psych class? It’s not like she’s ever going to become a psychologist. She should be taking some business and accounting classes, skills that will help her run the coffee house … I don’t remember Chelsea being overly depressed after Adam died – either time. The first time she dealt with her grief in Billy’s arms, the second time in Nick’s. If she was in such a dark place, why not attend some grief counseling?