Wednesday, March 29th

Cane joins Juliet at the club’s bar. You have good news for me! she’s sure. No, you didn’t get the job, Cane’s sorry to say. There’ll be other jobs, he’s sure. You don’t have to worry, Juliet assures. About what? Cane’s puzzled. Our secret, she replies.

Chloe jams her black bag in a dumpster behind an industrial area. Watching through the chain link fence, Nick retrieves it as soon as Chloe leaves.

Ending a call with Scott, Abby declines Vikki’s offer to join her (at CL’s) Why? Because I didn’t like your rent-free space for start-ups pitch? No, Abby can’t be mad that Dad trusts Vikki’s opinion. You’ll come up with a winning idea soon, Vikki’s sure. Sooner than you think, Abby smirks.

On the patio, Jordan asks Lily how she and Cane make it work. He’s OK with me modeling (I think) And he just closed a successful deal in Japan for Vikki. We’ve worked through our issues and are stronger for it, Lily boasts.

Back at the bar, Cane didn’t know he and Juliet had ‘a secret’. He honestly has no idea what she’s talking about. You really don’t remember? Juliet’s surprised. I didn’t just stay the night in your room – we had sex.

Jack tells Ashley that they don’t have to worry about Vikki – Neil might be the problem; he and Devon are starting a family company. If they include Cane and Lily, it’ll be a cosmetics line. We need new technology – what ARE your big ideas? Refusing to be intimidated, Ashley’s more than ready for the challenge – just watch me!

Looking over at the dress she’s working on for Chloe, Chelsea flashes back to wearing a similar dress when coming down the stairs at the Kansas farmhouse (to marry Adam)

Now at Underground and wearing latex gloves, Nick takes the wrench, dart gun and dart (?) out of the black bag Chloe disposed of.

Next: Abby tells Scott that she feels she’s on the outside and will never be fully accepted by either side…. Vikki surprises Victor by saying ‘You don’t have to feel obligated to give her a role in the company just because she’s your daughter’ … Sharon tells Nick that Paul is his best bet – if you want the truth it’s the only way.