Thursday, March 30th

Victor hovers at BnS – ‘watching a brilliant businesswoman at work’. With a hug, Vikki owes her Dad for all his support. Victor then announces that he’s hired Scott to write his autobiography – he has carte blanch to interview anyone close to me. What the hell are you thinking Dad?!

Nick’s at Sharon’s to catch her off-guard with questions – you can’t contact Dylan? Did he ever mention anything being off about the night Adam died? Sharon wonders why he’s asking 6 months later. Nick’s found recent evidence that leads him to believe Adam’s death wasn’t an accident.

Chloe welcomes Kevin to the studio with a passionate kiss that makes him want to move up the wedding. Good, because by this time tomorrow Chloe wants to be his wife.

At CL’s, Lily notes that Abby’s dressed very professionally (and touts the Fenmores app – which Abby’s already ordered from) Lily informs Abby that Vikki’s not a ‘know it all’ boss at all. She’s happy with both her work, and Cane’s.

At the club’s bar, Cane flashes back to being in bed with Juliet. We had sex in Tokyo, didn’t we? I’ve never cheated on my wife before. Juliet shrugs it off – it was too much drink and not enough food – it’s no big deal. Sex happens. For Cane, sex only happens with his wife.

Now seated on the patio, Abby tells Lily about her Dad liking her idea until Vikki nixed it (and made me look like a fool) Abby’s sure that Vikki wants the top spot at Newman (and that Victor would love nothing more than to have his first born back there)

Vikki warns Victor that this autobiography will put the family under scrutiny – Scott writes hard-hitting pieces, not ‘fluff’. Victor doesn’t want Leanna Love’s ‘Ruthless’ to be his legacy. Be truthful when Scott interviews you, he instructs.

Nick won’t make any accusations until he’s sure – did Dylan ever talk about the explosion? Sharon knows he wasn’t convinced it was an accident. He investigated whether propane tanks could detonate on their own. They ruled that the lines were old and leaking. Nick thinks the timing of the explosion ‘off’ – it’s like someone wanted us to see the cabin explode without getting hurt. Who would want that? Sharon wonders. Chloe.