Wednesday, March 29th

As Vikki interviews Juliet in the conference room, Cane’s hovering outside, gesturing for her to smile. Juliet loves Japan and it’s culture. Vikki’s impressed with Juliet’s knowledge of Brash n Sassy’s stats – you remind me of me. Cane continues to hover like a nervous parent.

Chloe loves the wedding dress Chelsea’s working on. Nick wishes her and Kevin all the best. Maybe you’ll be next, Chloe teases. With a kiss, Nick leaves Chelsea looking troubled. Outside, Nick puts a tracking device on Chloe’s car and tests the app on his phone (which shows a map)

On her way out, Juliet tells Cane that she ‘crushed it’. Cane makes a beeline to ask Vikki if she’ll hire her. No, Vikki’s hiring someone else who’s more ready – don’t take it personally. Since Cane recommended her, he’ll give Juliet the bad news. Tell her I was impressed and will keep her in mind for future opportunities, Vikki adds.

Joining Noah at Underground, Nick hears how great Tessa was last night – he’s hoping she’ll come back to perform. Yeah, she’s cute but she doesn’t post much info on social media.

Chloe gives Chelsea the good news that Ester’s letting them have the wedding at the Estate. Mentioning the tracking device and going on about what close friends they are, Chelsea asks her ‘best friend’ if there’s anything else Chloe wants to tell her. No? Well, we traced your phone – you were a half hour away from the cabin the night of the explosion. Why didn’t you tell me that? Chelsea wants to know.

Neil can’t rule out that he and Devon won’t eventually enter the cosmetics business – but he won’t abandon the Foundation. Jack wishes him all the luck in the world (then is left to grimace)

Still at the club, Ashley and Abby gossip about Victor hiring Scott to write his autobiography. Abby worries that her suing her Dad (along with Vikki and Nick) won’t look good. Ashley suggests Abby contact Scott first – tell him you admire your Father. Hearing that, Victor will be more willing to approve your ideas (and not let Vikki shut them down)

Back at Underground, Nick checks his phone – there’s been some tension but he’s dealing with it. Noah hopes things work out for his Dad and Chelsea.

You don’t trust me, Chloe wails – you tracked my phone. Chelsea trusts Chloe and only let Nick trace her phone to prove she wasn’t at the cabin. Chloe’s sure Nick threw his name and/or money around to get that information. I was at the penthouse – Kevin and Daniel were there, Chloe’s upset that Chelsea believes her boyfriend that she’s a crazed killer. But I don’t blame you, she admits.

Chloe tried to kill Adam and paid the price for that. Agreeing, Chelsea knows she worked hard to put her life together. I believe you and am grateful you tried to protect me. Chloe’s sorry the tracker caused doubt in Chelsea’s mind. I love you. I love you too ~hug~ Go plan your wedding.

Ashley goes to Jack’s office to confront him – you lied to me. Vikki has something on you – THAT’S why you backed off the hockey deal. Hopefully, whatever Vikki knows won’t come back to bite us in the butt!

Still drinking coffee on the patio with Jordan, Lily claims to be perfectly happy working at BnS; she gets time with her husband and kids. Family grounds me. Cane’s a great husband. No fights? Sure we have issues, what couple doesn’t? Lily smiles.