Friday, March 31st

Mike will be busy planning Kevin’s bachelor party and helping him shop for a suit and shorts for Tahiti. Watching the brothers leave, Sharon leaves an urgent message for Nick (who’s in Paul’s office) You want us to investigate quietly, Paul concludes. Nick won’t give a name but the person he suspects isn’t Victor.

Paul hasn’t forgotten about Adam either but he needs more – a statement, a confession, anything I can work with. Nick thanks him and leaves.

Come on Nick! Sharon mutters at her phone as Mike and Kevin return from their shopping trip. Kevin gets a text confirming reservations in Tahiti and is reminded to go ask Paul for time off. First, Kevin has Sharon play hand model so that he can send Chloe a photo of the rings. It’s lovely, Sharon stammers to Kevin – I hope it’s perfect, she says with a kiss. After Kev runs out, Mike has the same hope.

Back at the estate, Chloe, Ester and Chelsea all have their list of chores. As Chloe runs back in to get the caterers business card, she sees the photo Kevin sent of the rings.

Vikki welcomes Juliet to BnS – we think we have a position for you, right Cane? Right. After Cane’s asked to leave, Vikki offers her a marketing position – in GC. Juliet’s flattered. Flattered enough to take the job?

Juliet would like to learn more about the job before deciding whether she’d relocate. You’d be Marketing Executive with room for advancement if you can perform in this position as you did with Cane in Tokyo, Vikki chirps. Juliet asks if she’d be working with Cane. Vikki correctly guesses it wouldn’t be a deal breaker (if she was)

Sharon’s still muttering at her phone when Chloe arrives to startle her. After awkward small talk, she invites Sharon to the wedding.

Bumping into Chelsea at the GCAC, Nick’s updated that the wedding’s tomorrow. She looked Chloe right in the eye and asked about the phone records (which must be a mistake) Chloe swears she never left the building that night. She’d do anything for me; she’s my best friend. Nick thinks it’s time he had his talk with Chloe.

Nick’s not actually planning to talk to Chloe – he’s making a gesture – he’ll provide a girls-night VIP service at Underground tonight. This means a lot to Chelsea – thank you. Nick hopes this night is as unforgettable as Chloe’s wedding.

Back at CL’s, Sharon talks about how busy she is running the coffee house and taking classes at GCU – sorry she can’t make it to the wedding. You don’t really seem into it, Chloe notes – maybe you were more invested in Kevin and Mariah’s relationship? No, it’s something else. Sharon recalls Chloe saying that she’s worried about blowing it with Kevin. What made you say that?

Paul reads the incident report on his computer – death by misadventure – an explosion caused by a propane leak. Kevin arrives to announce that he’s getting married tomorrow – and needs two weeks off. Paul gives him grief for giving no notice and teases by saying he can’t come to the wedding because he hasn’t given notice for taking the day off. After both chuckle, Kevin adds that they’re taking off to Tahiti right after the honeymoon. So, you’re leaving the country – Paul doesn’t seem to be joking now – are you ever coming back?

Vikki out of the office, Juliet thanks Cane for recommending her for the job and quickly guesses that he doesn’t want to work with her. You’ll have less autonomy, less money here – and full disclosure – it might be uncomfortable, Cane admits. Not for Juliet – it meant nothing. IF she takes the job, it won’t be to cause trouble for Cane or the ‘nice’ Lily.