Friday, March 31st

Lily drops by BnS to say she has interesting news. Vikki wants Juliet to work with me. Doing what? Cane stammers. Marketing of course. Lily will be even more involved at BnS and she and Juliet can be great friends. She might not say yes, Cane points out. On cue, Vikki breezes in – Juliet said ‘yes’. She’ll be a great asset. Cane looks ill.

Of course Kevin will come back – he takes his job here very seriously. Unable to keep a straight face, jokester Paul is kidding again. He’ll be in tied up in court tomorrow but at the wedding in spirit. Congratulations ~hug~

Chloe knows that Sharon understands – we’ve both been to dark places and fought to get our lives back. Don’t you ever worry it’ll happen again? Chloe always has a little whisper of self-doubt. She hopes Sharon can be happy for her. I want to be, Sharon says in earnest – I really do.

Chelsea’s got the party list ready to email out but first, she must call Chloe. As she gives her the details, Nick excuses himself to make a mystery call – I need you to meet me at Underground as soon as you can. I need your help. Things have changed.

Next: This is going to be something a little less subtle, I need you to seduce my son tonight, Gloria pulls at Mariah’s sweater (horrifying the poor girl) …. Paul puts a puzzled look on Mike’s face – Nick suddenly suspects that Adam’s death wasn’t an accident … You are no longer our designated driver, Chelsea surprises Ester (and Chloe) and as soon as we open that door the party begins!

My Thoughts: Talk about gallows humour. Paul has the worst sense of humour EVER. BUT – him asking Nick ‘What sparked this?’ is subtly hilarious (considering Nick’s asking him to re-investigate what ‘sparked’ an explosion) See writers? We get it – you don’t have to try so damn hard … That glow Chloe has? It’s not a bridal glow – it’s sheer panic and lunacy taking over. Unless Adam appears (which is extremely unlikely. like it’s 99.9% impossible) the only element of surprise will be who raises Bella. Will Kevin be her Dad for a year then have to turn her over to Billy (a storyline we know is coming because we’ve seen it recycled oh so many times) Perhaps Chloe’s not the only one with mental issues who’ll be returning to dark places; who’s ready for an evil Kevin? … So what exactly does ‘VIP’ treatment include at Underground? Earplugs to block the dreadful music and a special booth with a table that doesn’t have gum stuck under it?