Tuesday, April 18th

Jack toasts Abby’s success and suggests her role as CEO might be permanent. Abby will answer that when Jack tells her what Jabot has planned for the next year.

Neil doesn’t think it fair that he owns 50% of the new company since he’s not investing half the money. Devon and Mike point out that Neil brings decades of experience to the table. Not convinced, Neil suggests Devon’s doing this out of guilt.

Neil thinks Devon’s using his money to make things right (re: Hilary) He wants Mike to draw up a fairer deal. Devon loves and trusts Neil – he owes his whole life to him and feels this is the right thing to do with his inheritance – he wants his Father as an equal partner. At Mike’s cue, the partners shake hands.

Jack denies he invited Abby to dinner to fish for info on NE. It’s OK, Abby’s used to being underestimated and is tired of everyone telling her that her Father won’t give her credit. Vikki had a ‘snarkfest’, she confides – probably because she’s not getting Dad’s attention.

Back at BnS, Vikki doubts an apology will cut it with Billy – he knows there’s more going on and won’t buy any story. Nikki suggests telling Billy the truth – but not the whole truth. Tell him that it’s about Victor buying Reed a car. Vikki agrees to try but hopes it’s not too late.

Now dressed, Phyllis is off to meet Mike and with another kiss, Billy heads back to the office.

Neil and Devon work on their mission statement – to discover new talent, focusing on women and minorities. Devon’s happy to be dating Mariah – she’s honest, no agenda. Neil’s happy – she won’t hurt you like Hilary did.

The movie over, the lights on, Sharon and Scott get up to leave. As Kevin complains about the movie, Mariah notices that Tessa’s gone.

Coming over to hug Devon, Abby’s excited to hear about the new business; you’re a brilliant producer. Neil won’t be woo’d back to Newman but congratulates Abby on being interim CEO. Trust your gut – don’t just do what you think Victor would do. As Nikki sits at the bar to admire the display of booze, Jack appears before she can order.

At another table, Mike asks Phyllis what’s put her in such a good mood. Swearing her pal to secrecy, Phyllis’s one-word answer is – Billy.

Billy’s surprised to find Vikki still at the office. Where’d he take off to? Billy needed to clear his head. Vikki apologizes for being out of line. She’s not trying to shut Billy out of her life. Then why did you? he asks.

Vikki explains that she was angry at her Father and shouldn’t have taken it out on Billy. It’s been great spending time with you and the kids. Please accept my apology. Billy does – and is about to go into the conference room when Vikki asks him out to dinner.

Mike’s surprised – does Phyllis really want to relive the pain she and Billy caused? Phyllis shouldn’t have slept with Billy while married to Jack – but he’s moved on – with your Mother. Astonished, Mike spits out is drink.