Tuesday, April 18th

Scott’s stepped it up a notch by bringing Sharon to dinner at Top of the Tower. Yes, she liked the movie but the best part was Scott knowing she’d like it. Yes, Scott thinks a lot of Sharon. Next time the movie will be a music (which Mariah and Kevin won’t go to)

Seated at the bar with Nikki, Jack’s surprised Victor didn’t take her on his business trip. If the rumours are true (and Victor retires) she’ll soon have her new and improved husband 24/7. Nikki doesn’t look pleased with the prospect.

Tessa’s at CL’s talking on her phone when Kevin and Mariah enter arguing about whether it’s a good idea for Sharon and Scott to date. As Kevin takes a call, Mariah approaches Tessa’s table for awkward ‘hi’s.

Oh no, Tessa wasn’t hurried off her phone call – she was just telling someone about her new job as Nikki’s assistant. Wondering why a woman without a job needs an assistant, Mariah’s told that Nikki seems a bit lonely in that big empty house. Busted for sneaking into the theater, Tessa admits she’s seen that movie three times. When Kevin joins them, they emphatically explain that they’re just friends.

Nikki’d rather not talk about Victor – but things couldn’t be better. It’s just one of those days. She’s then surprised to see Sharon sitting with Victor’s biographer. Re-introduced to Scott, Jack would love to be interviewed about Victor. Sharon exiting to powder her nose and Jack gone, Nikki would like to talk to Scott – about that book.

Across the restaurant, Phyllis tells Mike that Jack and Gloria are friends with benefits. She now sees no reason to stay away from Billy – I’m gonna go for it.

Is that a Yes to dinner? Vikki asks. Billy thinks they both need time and boundaries. I pushed too hard. Vikki doesn’t think so – it’s complicated. Agreeing, Billy thinks it best they keep things the way they are. If that’s what you want, a bewildered Vikki leaves and sits in the lab. Billy looks equally heartbroken in the conference room.

Next: Is there a problem? Because Juliet’s idea is solid. Is it? Billy barks – or is that just a power play because I didn’t jump back into your arms? ……Victor always comes out on top, Phyllis huffs. This time he won’t have his family backing him up, Jack disagrees …. This isn’t some general anxiety about the past – what are you trying to hide? Scott asks Nikki.