Wednesday, April 19th

Bringing Scott to the ranch, Nikki apologizes for cutting his evening with Sharon short. She wants to talk about protecting Victor. Who could be a threat to Victor Newman? Scott wonders.

As soon as she gets home, Phyllis sends Billy a text – life is too short – call me. She’s surprised when Jack shows up to announce that he has new information and an opportunity ripe for the picking.

Ashley and Ravi meet at the hotel restaurant and are almost on their way to the opera when Benjamin shows up – hear me out, he implores of Ashley.

Reed calls Billy to ask if he was able to change his Mom’s mind on the car. No – Billy has no say. But you guys were so chummy at the arcade – you have a chance with Mom, take it, Reed nags. Reading Phyllis’ text on his cell, Billy looks conflicted.

Cane and Juliet join Vikki at BnS to discuss business. Billy appears to kibosh their ideas and when he’s outnumbered, gripe that he wasn’t needed after all. Vikki follows Billy into the conference room – what’s his problem with Juliet’s good idea? Billy thinks overruling him was a powerplay because he didn’t jump back into her bed.

Seated at the restaurant, Benjamin apologizes to Ashley – problems with his daughter and ex-wife came to a head last night. He wants to make it up to her with another date – I owe you that.

Phyllis would love to wipe the smug look off Victor’s face but it’s a fantasy. Jack disagrees – we have an opening to take that bastard down. Something’s up at the Newman house. After what Victor did to us we deserve payback. He’s vulnerable, doesn’t expect an attack from us. He’s taken off and made Abby CEO. No one has any idea where Victor is. Phyllis knows that Victor always wins – what’s different this time? He doesn’t have his family backing him up, Jack replies.

Back at the ranch, Scott wonders if Jack’s the threat. No, Victor needs protection from himself, Nikki knows that he respects Scott’s integrity but Victor’s doesn’t feel the rules apply to him. This book, this legacy could tear this family apart. Nikki wants this book to die – the true story of Victor Newman can never be told.

Yes, Ashley WILL have dinner with Benjamin – but not tonight. I have plans. He’s surprised when she leaves with Ravi. Yes, I’m sure, she tells Ravi that she’s been looking forward to this night. Arm in arm, they leave.

At CL’s, Zoey adores the selfie Reed sends her (from home) She informs Kendal that she’s not seeing him tonight but was at his place earlier (thankfully his Mom wasn’t home) She made Reed feel better about his car but won’t share details (we didn’t do it) Left alone at the table, Kendal grabs Zoey’s phone and arranges to meet Reed at 7:30 for a movie – then deletes the texts before Zoey returns now willing to divulge details. Kendal suddenly has to go – good luck on your test tomorrow.

In the conference room, Vikki’s tired of coddling Bily’s ego – Juliet’s idea was good. In the lab, Cane tells Juliet not to worry that Billy doesn’t like her – he’s a hothead. Juliet’s on Cane’s team – Tokyo is behind us. Then let’s not bring it up again, Cane suggests. Vikki comes out to invite Juliet out for a drink. Sure, but I’m a lightweight, she warns – after a couple of drinks, I’ll talk too much. After they leave, Billy comes out to guess the ladies will spend the night talking about them (which unsettles Cane)

At the theater, Reed’s surprised when Kendal sits beside him – is Zoey getting popcorn? No, her Mom made her stay home to study. Reed thinks it weird Zoey didn’t text him but is told to shut his phone off when the movie starts.

Over drinks at Top of the Tower, Juliet lavishes her boss/role model with praise. Vikki thinks Juliet a great addition to the team – my door’s always open (especially if a man’s driving you crazy) As Juliet takes a drink, Vikki guesses there IS a man. Tell me about it.

Back at the office, things are tense between Cane and Billy (whose mind is on Phyllis’ text)