Wednesday, April 19th

Jack insists that this is the time to take Victor down – something’s off within the family. Phyllis is tempted. Good – then let’s make our move. What move? Jack saw a fundamental change in Nikki. Per Abby, Victor didn’t even tell Vikki he was leaving town (she showed up at NE furious) Phyllis hates to see Jack caught up in revenge again. This is different – something has Victor off his game – that something is Nikki.

Still at the ranch, Scott’s not even able to leave a voicemail for Victor. He wants the autobiography to be an accurate portrayal, not a hatchet job. Nikki knows that – but many chapters in Victor Newman’s life will destroy this family. This project must be killed. Scott now only wants to dig deeper – what are you trying to hide Nikki?

Juliet has no man in her life – she’s too busy. Keep it that way – men are ridiculous, they lie, Vikki slurs – then goes on a rant that’s clearly about her and Billy’s current situation.

Back at the office, Cane needles Billy about Vikki siding with him and Juliet. Oh look, here’s an email from Juliet about styling. Denying there’s been a ‘power shift’, Billy packs up his briefcase and leaves Cane to have fun learning how to contour his cheekbones.

Nikki knows there’s been a LOT of negative stories printed about the Newmans over the years – enemies are eager to tell false stories. Scott won’t print anything untrue. What if there’s a germ of truth? Nikki worries that Victor’s not taking the kids and grandkids into account. Their legacy shouldn’t include Victor’s mistakes. Nikki writes out a cheque so that Scott can go tell stories that deserve to be told.

Jack and Phyllis rant ‘n rave about the permanent damage Victor did to their lives. Jack concludes that this isn’t about business, it’s personal. We have to hit Victor where he lives.

As Reed watches a romantic scene in the old classic ‘From Here to Eternity’, Kendal watches him – then leans over to kiss him.

The movie and the kiss over, Kendal apologizes to Reed – I’m so embarrassed. I’ve never had a kiss like that. They agree not to tell Zoey – act like it never happened. But – both admit they enjoyed the kiss.

After the opera, Ashley and Ravi are back at the restaurant raving about the opera. The moral seems to be that it if you care too much about what other people think, you can’t call your life your own.