Wednesday, April 19th

Phyllis and Jack agree – the only way to hurt Victor is through his family. Vikki may have told Billy something. Jack won’t go to him and doubts Phyllis wants to either. Thinking of Billy, Phyllis suddenly backs out – you’ll have to do this without me. What the hell changed your mind? Jack wonders.

Scott doesn’t want a bigger check – he owes Victor for saving his life. Then protect him by walking away, Nikki insists. No, this book is the only way Scott can repay Victor. Nikki won’t allow it and is sure that Victor will honour her request. He may rule the world but I rule this family!

I’m fine, a tipsy Vikki assures Juliet as she drops her keys and stumbles through the door to introduce Reed. After Juliet leaves in a cab, Vikki denies she’s drunk – well, maybe just a bit. You’re totally plastered, Reed jokes.

Teetering up the hallway to her room, Ashley thanks Ravi for a wonderful night and a successful business trip. The jet will be ready first thing in the morning. An awkward hug then leads to a kiss.

Phyllis doesn’t think it smart to work together against Victor. She wants to shake this addiction, move forward with her life, not backward. She’ll cheer Jack on but won’t be involved. As both are looking for the ringing house phone, the doorbell rings too. Want me to get that? Jack asks – as Billy stands on the other side.

Next: Are you always this much of a pompous ass? Ravi asks Benjamin (as Ashley smirks) ….Chelsea came to the station as soon as she got the message. Paul wants to update her on the search for Chloe…. In a vehicle, Chris is glad Scott’s safe. That’s not what this is about – cut to the chase – what do you want from me? Scott’s irritated.

My Thoughts: If Scott wants to repay Victor for saving his life, why not just get Nikki to write a cheque for 10 million? Now he doesn’t owe Victor anything and he can move onto a more interesting project (and will avoid the awkward chapters on Sharon’ involvement with the Newman family – mainly by marrying Victor and both is sons) …. Nikki can’t forbid Scott from writing a book and her trying to do so will only make Scott more interested in getting to the truth … When did Jack go from loathing Phyllis to wanting to partner up with her? Good thing he didn’t sit on a wet spot on the couch (which Jack owns by the way) … What has Eileen Davidson done to piss off TPTB? She’s a stunning woman but the camera panning up as she walked to her hotel room was not flattering. At. All. That and the sideways shot in the hallway just emphasized that Ashley’s dress was WAY too tight. Ravi won’t be able to pry her out of it if he wanted to.