Thursday, April 20th

Phyllis hangs up on a telemarketer then opens her front door to find Billy there. Who is it? Jack bellows in the background.

Good night. Good night. Ashley wipes lipstick off Ravi’s mouth then looks mildly disappointed when he goes into his own room (across the hall)

At CL’s, Sharon and Nick discuss Faith. She’s worried about her Grandpa. Nick sticks with his sparring with Victor story. He’ll talk to Faith again – there’s no need for her to be concerned. Sharon suspects something happened between Nick and Victor – and that’s why Nick doesn’t want her living at the main house anymore.

Nick just realized it was time Faith came home – she belongs with us. Sharon agrees – she’s planning something special for her first night home. After Nick leaves, Scott arrives to tell Sharon that Nikki doesn’t want him to write the autobiography and won’t say where Victor is. Seems sketchy – perhaps Sharon knows if there’s more going on?

Paul’s summoned Chelsea to the station. Are there any leads? she marches in. I want that woman brought back here – now.

I can’t help you right now – maybe tomorrow, Phyllis closes the door on Billy and tells Jack that it’s a neighbour asking for help with her computer. Confirming that she doesn’t wany any part of Jack’s plan against Victor, Phyllis sees Jack out. No sooner have the elevator doors closed on him, Billy slips into Phyllis’ apartment to hear that she rejected his offer to partner up against Victor. Phyllis expected a call from Billy. Yeah, but he needed to SEE her.

At Underground, Nick leaves Chelsea an ‘I miss you – call me’ message.

Paul’s update is that there are no leads on Chloe. Chelsea doesn’t see how that’s possible – she’s a lunatic running around in a custom made wedding dress. She didn’t even plan to vanish. How is that she hasn’t accessed her bank account, credit cards or used her phone?! She hasn’t called doctors at the facility she was in – but Paul’s not giving up. Chelsea vows that Chloe will pay for what she did to her husband.

Anything’s possible with Victor – Sharon doesn’t think Scott should worry about him. Agreeing to put it aside, Scott takes a seat and is served an eclair. Taking a seat, Scott offers to bake her a Bavarian pastry he enjoys. Who knew he could cook? On the subject of secrets, Sharon has something to tell Scott before their friendship goes any further.

Both more casually dressed, Ravi’s surprised to find Ashley downstairs in the restaurant having a glass of wine (thinking about his kiss) Join me? she invites as he’s about to leave her to it.

Sharon tells Scott that her husband just left a couple of months ago. She has a way to go in rebuilding her life. Scott gets it – he’s acclimating to a new life too. He’s OK with taking it slow – no pressure. Mariah appears – am I crashing a date – again?