Thursday, April 20th

It doesn’t matter what Mariah of Scott – what do YOU think about the ‘super hot’ Scott? He seems honest – what you see is what you get, Sharon turns out the lights and leaves CL’s with Mariah.

Back in the parked car, an agitated Scott tells Chris that he’s done – Special Agent Maxwell can go to hell. I’m not a working journalist anymore. I don’t have the same access. What could I even do? Your contribution is invaluable, Chris states calmly. The people at the top don’t want to lose you – they had a plan to extract you. VICTOR was the one who saved me! Scott reminds.

Billy doesn’t want to be with Vikki – he can’t be with Vikki. Yes, she apologized – but she’s still hiding something. Billy won’t accept the crumbs Vikki throws at him. C’mere. Vikki will always have a bond; the kids, the job. Billy’s here because he wants to be with Phyllis. And she wants to be with him ~kiss~

Politely getting rid of Jack so he can spend some time with Chelsea, Nick’s asked to pass condolences to Victor (next time you see him) Nick respects that Jack cared for Adam but the condolences to Victor are disingenuous. As for he and Vikki, we’ll get through this in our own way. At the exit, a puzzled/suspicious Jack turns to look at Nick and Chelsea.

Next: What exactly have you accomplished since I’ve been away? Ashley asks. I’ve learned some intriguing information, Jack grins … Chloe reads a letter aloud – Billy, I stole a sample of yours – Bella might be your daughter. Splitscreen of both Kevin and Billy looking shocked.

My Thoughts: Ravi did a great job of putting Benjamin in his place but when did he turn into such an obnoxious jerk? He was a perfect gentlman in GC and even referred to Gloria as a ‘feisty socialite’ (when she accosted him in the sauna) Things are looking really good for the more *ahem* ‘mature’ ladies in GC. Ashley’s getting involved with a man much younger than she is, Phyllis has a few years on Billy. I don’t know how old Scotty Grainger is but he’s definitely younger than Sharon. Even Gloria’s snagged a younger man (though only by a couple of years) …. So it looks like Scott is not just a pretty face and great head of hair…. I mean not just an ordinary war journalist, he’s an agent for the US government. And nobody knows this except Chris? What important mission could possibly have fallen into Chris’ hands that she’d drag Scott back ‘into the field’? Didn’t Dylan just have to give up his whole life to go undercover for her? How long before she takes another ‘good guy’ from Sharon for her own protection? … The GCPD could really use a detective of Jack’s caliber. He’s the only one suspicious of that the Newman’s are imploding. Even Abby remains oblivious – too busy with running NE into the ground (you know this project she went ahead with despite Victor’s approval will fail epically) … Sure Jack owns the apartment Phyllis seems to have evicted Summer from – but why is he shouting ‘who’s that’ (at the door)? Mind your own business… THAT’S the secret Sharon felt the need to confide to Scott? That her husband recently left her? Not anything else from her past that might concern a man? Scott’s a journalist – and then there’s Google, so he should know what he’s getting into. I’m sure his Mom will have a few things to say too.