Friday, April 21st

At his desk at the station, Kevin’s handed an envelope containing a letter from Chloe – she misses him and left before getting a chance to tell him that Bella might be his daughter.

Phyllis comes downstairs mentioning that Billy had a package delivered from the office. Billy’s shocked to read a letter from Chloe explaining that (and how) HE might be Bella’s Father and must take care of her if he is (find out and don’t try to find me)

Nick carries Christian into the house while shouting out for his Mom. Tessa appears to inform that Nikki’s at a breakfast meeting with potential donors. Oh, Nick has a meeting to get to as well. It’s cool – you can leave Christian with me. Nick hesitates.

Outside a warehouse, Abby’s realtor informs that the contractor bailed but she has someone else in mind to do the work. Ignoring a call from her Mom, a panicked Abby orders the realtor to set up a meeting and marches off.

Jack finds Ashley in his office – welcome home. She reports on her successful trip and asks what Jack’s accomplished in her absence. He’s learned some intriguing information.

** No time for spellcheck today. Go Leafs Go!! **

After calling the hospital, Billy updates Phyllis that it’s possible Chloe swiped a sperm sample – Bella could be his daughter. His head is spinning. Putting his coat on, Billy must go find out the truth before he can think about the future.

Tessa’s got a huge family and is used to taking care of kids. Nick hands Christian over and will go talk to Bonnie (in case Tessa needs anything)

At the apartment, Scott needs legal advice about accepting an unusual job that he no longer wants to do – can he walk away? There’s no formal contract and it’s not about money but Scott made a promise. Mike assumes it’s about Victor – people live to regret not living up to their obligation where he’s concerned.

At Jabot, Phyllis asks Ravi about the business trip – how did his date go with Ashley?