Thursday, April 20th

Phyllis unpacks Thai food she’s had delivered. Billy has to admit – he couldn’t have predicted how his day would go when he rang her bell (so to speak) He relays that Vikki apologized – and might want him in her life after all.

Chelsea continues to rant n rave about Chloe being a heartless monster. She’s ill – like my sister, Paul understands how disappointing it is to realize they aren’t better. Chelsea just wants the dangerous Chloe caught. We may never get justice, she marches past Chris (who hangs back to stare at Paul)

At Underground, Jack asks Nick how everyone’s doing, specifically, how is Victor dealing with the news that Chloe murdered Adam?

Ashley and Ravi don’t want things to be awkward between them (though that defines most of Ravi’s social interactions) He enjoyed the kiss very much. Benjamin appears to wonder why Ashley went out with ‘our young friend here’ instead of him.

Jack assumes Victor has his minions tracking down the escaped Chloe – and wonders if that’s why Victor’s out of town. Nick wouldn’t be surprised but hears he’s just out of town on business. Chelsea arrives whining that Paul has no leads – Chloe’s getting away with murder and there’s nothing we can do about it.

In his office, Paul feels he’s missing an obvious clue. Chris thinks he needs to get some sleep. She has a late night – a big, intimidating assignment just fell in her lap. You’ll handle it just fine, Paul reassures with a hug.

Billy informs Phyllis that he told Vikki they should remain friends, co-workers and co-parents, nothing romantic. She said that’s fine. And is that what you want? Phyllis prods Billy.

Phyllis thinks Billy’s head must be spinning (unexpectedly hooking up with her then finding out he has a chance with Vikki; the love of his life) Phyllis just wants to know where she stands.

As Jack interrupts every so often, Chelsea asks Nick about Victor – he was devastated when I showed him Adam’s wedding ring. To escape the conversation, Nick goes to tend to a customer (which puzzles both Chelsea and Jack)

Scott entertains Sharon and Mariah with harrowing tales of war photographers on assignment. And when Sharon takes his plate away, Mariah says she’d like to do some investigative journalism, leave the ‘fluff’ to Hilary. Sure Scott will give her some pointers. Kissing Sharon on the cheek, Scott exits (very interested in a text he just received)

When Benjamin scooches into the booth seat, Ashley quickly edges away and doesn’t remember inviting him. This is a private conversation, Ravi adds politely that Ashley decided to spend her time with someone who can give her his undivided attention. That’s funny, Benjamin laughs. Putting Benjamin in his place, Ravi concludes by asking if he’s always this much of a pompous ass (to Ashley’s entertainment)

Are you serious dude? Benjamin’s indignant. Ravi is – and after slinging a few more well-aimed barbs, Ashley thinks it time Benjamin call it a night. Good night Ashley, Benjamin leaves Ravi reeling at his audacity to speak to Benjamin Hoffman that way. I need that second beer. You continue to surprise me, Ashley’s impressed.

Chelsea’s sure Jack can sympathize with a Father losing a son the way Victor did. Jack wouldn’t wish it on his worst enemy. He’s then surprised to hear that Nick was on to Chloe (after finding a tracking device in one of Connor’s toys) Assuming that Victor’s family is supporting him going after Chloe, Jack’s interested to hear Chelsea’s opinion that Nick doesn’t want to hear about it (or reopen old wounds)

CL’s now closed, Mariah interrogates Sharon on dating Scott. No, she doesn’t have a problem with him (and lists good qualities including his hair) She likes him – as much as you can like someone you don’t know.

Chris jumps into Scott’s car. Thanks for meeting me. Sorry we haven’t had a chance to see each other since you got back. Scott’s irritated – cut to the chase; what do you want from me?

Ashley wasn’t embarrassed at all – she liked Ravi standing up for her. Thanks. Their flight leaving early tomorrow, she calls it a night.