Monday, April 24th

Scott’s looking at Chris’ number on his phone when Lauren comes home from her jog. He’s been feeling lonely – perhaps his Mom can set him up? Yes, Phyllis told him. You think I can’t find my own dates? Scott chides Lauren.

Paul, Kevin, Billy and Mike wait it out at the station. Billy’s the most pissed off at Chloe and doesn’t understand why Kevin isn’t. You’re defending a murderer.

Sharon’s surprised when Tessa invites her into the ranch (Nikki’s at some lunch thing) They chit chat about Tessa playing outside the coffee shop. She’s not thrilled that Sharon’s brought over some more spreadsheets and a seating chart for an upcoming benefit. Tessa feels like she’s living on another planet.

In Jack’s office, Ravi encourages Ashley where Abby’s concerned. Ashley just hopes Abby can clean up her mess before Victor finds out.

At the club’s bar, Jack wonders why Abby bought then unloaded a warehouse. Abby’s dropping a project – no big deal. OK, Jack will take the warehouse off her hands but won’t sign anything until Abby tells him what’s going on.

On the CL’s patio, Kendal watches as Zoey’s choosing a movie to go see with Reed. Oh? You saw this one without me? Looking guilty, Reed flashes back to Kendal’s kiss. What’s up guys? Kendal interrupts. You seem weird, Zoey observes. Kendal claims a jerk cut her off on her way over. Reed reports that he got to drive his Mom’s car because she got drunk last night. After he goes in to buy coffee, Zoey asks a favour of Kendal – bounce so she can be alone with Reed. Agreeing, Kendal manages to swipe Reed’s wallet off the table.

In Jack’s office, Ashley tells Ravi that Victor’s capable of being ruthless with his kids (maybe even worse because they’re family) She worries Abby’s trying too hard to impress her Dad (and compete with Vikki) Ravi offers to talk to Abby – maybe she’ll open up to someone her own age. Oops – that didn’t come out right, he stammers.

When Abby tells Jack about her tech incubator idea, Jack likes it. He always follows his instincts – like buying Fenmore over Ashley’s objections. Is SHE the one who talked you out of this project? Not directly but Abby needs to sell the warehouse. Before Victor finds out you used Newman funds behind his back, Jack guesses correctly.

Kevin and Billy finally agree on something – Chloe’s not normal. Yes, Kev’s sure Chloe is Bella’s Mom and if she’s yours you better pull it together! These letters are an act of love – Chloe’s looking out for her daughter, not trying to stick it to you. Billy steps out to take Phyllis’ call – no news yet. It’s a complicated situation.