Tuesday, April 25th

Having spent the night at Phyllis’, Billy has to wear yesterday’s clothes to BnS (the walk of shame). They won’t have to sneak around this time but it’s too early to go public. Billy wants Vikki to hear it from him and Phyllis will break the news to Jack.

In the conference room, Vikki praises Juliet and Cane on their good work. She wants to wait for Billy before having a full staff meeting.

At the club for breakfast, Neil and Devon discuss today’s divorce hearing. It’s an exciting time for both. Neil worries Hilary might pull a surprise. On cue, Hilary sashays by to say ‘hello gentleman, see you in court’

George, the guy who quit GC Buzz a few months ago is back to produce the premier show with a new format. Mariah asks what this new segment ‘Get Real With Hilary’ is. Groundbreaking and exciting, the producer reads his script. Mariah’s only part is closing the show with a wave. Both know that she’ll have to fight for a bigger role.

Vikki expresses the need to separate the BnS brand from Newman. Our brand identification is independence, pride and success. She thinks Cane and Juliet make a great team. After Cane gets to work, Vikki thanks Juliet for getting her home safely last night. Meh, Juliet’s seen worse drunks. Lily and Jordan come in gushing about their successful promotional tour (and all the hot hockey players Lily had to tell she was married)

Phyllis parks her car and smiles at Billy, who’s parking one spot over. Jack pulls his car in between them. All getting out, Phyllis chirps brightly about the Cubs.

Now on the elevator, Phylis chatters about the great Fenmores app. Billy joins it to do a commercial for Dare; the official sponsor of hockey. You two have a Brash and Sassy day, he says as he steps off. As Jack jabs at the elevator button, Phyllis suggests it time they got past all this.

Vikki’s well into her meeting when Billy shows up (wow – he didn’t know everyone would be here) Read your emails, Cane grumbles. You’re just in time to hear what I have to say about you, Vikki looks up at Billy.

Outside the courthouse, Devon’s surprised at how simple and quick it was. When Hilary comes out, he tells his now ex-wife that he doesn’t feel different. Hilary does – and she’s focused on The Hilary Hour. As she digs for her keys, Devon helps her; their hands grazing.