Tuesday, April 25th

Devon tells Hilary about his new company with Neil; they’ll be developing new artists and helping companies started by women and minorities; hopefully, make a difference. Hilary’s excited about her new show. No need for these wedding rings, Devon says. Hilary wishes Devon good luck and pauses to watch him leave with Neil.

Following Jack into his office, Phyllis is glad he’s put his grudge against her aside but this stress with Billy could affect his health. Enjoy your life, she advises. Jack will never forgive Billy – ever. And what is this really about?

Vikki credits Billy for working hard to secure the exclusive hockey deal. Billy puts the praise back on the boss (and leads everyone in applause) Vikki declares the meeting adjourned. Exiting, Jordan needs Lily to go over some proofs so he can go watch Hilary’s first new episode. You deserve better, Lily claims. Better’s already taken (it seems Jordan means Lily)

Did I say something to bother you? Vikki asks Billy (after everyone leaves) – you seem preoccupied. Is it related to why you were late? Guessing that Billy wants to talk, Vikki’s here to listen.

Flip segments 5 and 7, Hilary rudely snaps at George – and adjust the lights – the Hilary Hour must have a cinematic tone. Gottcha, George toddles off. Mariah comes over to say that Hilary’s House of Horror will be a joke – the audience won’t like it. You’re still an important part of the show ‘sweetie’, Hilary’s sure the ‘dull’ Mariah will make use of what little time she appears on screen. You bet I will, Mariah’s left to mutter.

Hilary’s pleasantly surprised when Jordan shows up seconds before The Hilary Hour begins (which seems like Oprah-lite) Our brand new segment is ‘self-care’. Mariah chimes in to say that Hilary cares about herself more than anyone she knows – she’s gorgeous.

In the lab, Cane and Juliet are ‘crunching numbers for the press release. He’s surprised to hear that Juliet got Vikki drunk then took her home last night. She’s usually more contained. As Juliet jokes that she brings out the party animal in people, Lily appears.

Perched on her desk, Vikki questions Billy for being MIA for hours yesterday – did he go to blow off steam? Billy tells Vikki about Chloe’s letter – that she stole a sample. Turns out Kevin is Bella’s father. Vikki’s relieved to hear that – for Kevin’s sake (though she’s clearly thinking of how it would affect her chances with Billy) Vikki appreciates Billy’s honesty (he looks guilty)

Jack doesn’t want to talk bout Billy – let’s stick to business. Phyllis just wants everyone to get along. Jack questions her good mood – must be a new guy. There is someone, she admits. Anyone I know? Jack asks.

Jack’s happy for Phyllis – did she meet this guy online? Have they met in person? It’s new, Phyllis doesn’t want to jinx it – and would rather talk about a new app idea; one that’ll furnish a room with Jabot products. She then asks how his vendetta against Victor’s going. Jack’s made his first move – but it’s also new and he doesn’t want to jinx it.

Vikki rants and raves about Chloe; she needs to be locked up. How did she even get out? Billy wonders. No, Paul has no leads – the letters were postmarked half way around the world. Vikki’s just glad Chloe has no more connection to Billy. It must have been hard waiting for the test results alone.

Lily’s sorry to interrupt ‘the A team’. No worries, Juliet hears all about her exciting business trip – Lily had so much fun she feels guilty for being paid for it. Anything I can do to help? Juliet asks a glum Cane after Lily leaves. No, he’s just bummed because Vikki seems to value Billy’s deal over theirs. Juliet suggests Cane come up with an idea that blows Billy out of the water.