Tuesday, April 25th

Hilary wants to share something personal with her audience. Just today she finalized her divorce; a change that comes with sadness but also new hope. Now solemn and surprised, Mariah utters ‘I had no idea’. As Devon and Jordan both watch from the sidelines, Hilary sounds sincere as she admits her confident persona hides a vulnerable person who can’t do it alone. She then wishes her ex Devon the best and takes blame for the divorce. Hilary will now focus on the future. Taking her wedding rings off, she hopes she and Devon can be friends. That is the message viewers are to take today – put negativity aside and get back out there. That’s what I intend to do (which puts a smile on Jordan’s face)

Lily flirts with Cane – he’s proud of her. Proud of their family. Lily feels the same way. Sure she jokes about sexy hockey players but she loves her life. Everything OK? Yes, Cane assures. He’s captivated by what Lily’s wearing (or not wearing) under her jersey. As she gives him a little preview and a kiss, Juliet appears in the background to watch.

‘Keep on buzzin’ GC’, the ladies wrap up the show. Mariah praises Hilary – the show was riveting, you almost had me in tears. Now when will I be restored as an equal co-host? We’ll see how it goes, Hilary answers. Devon also praises Hilary – he likes the new direction (but it’d be better if Mariah was featured a bit more) Jordan comes over to stroke Hilary’s ego. After they walk off, Mariah wonders why Devon didn’t tell her it was divorce day. Showing off his ring-free hand, Devon jokes with Mariah. Hilary watches then leaves on Jordan’s arm (now it’s Devon’s turn to look jealous)

Vikki would have gone with Billy for the test – he didn’t have to go alone. You can tell me anything. There’s something I need to talk to you about, Billy blurts out.

Nex: Nikki’s on the phone with Vikki – Your Father has just done something. I am livid! …. I know you have a lot to do for Vikki, don’t let us keep you. Your wife’s in good hands, Juliet tells Cane … Ashley in the background, Jack growls – He’s the new guy in your life? I didn’t want to tell you until Billy had a chance to tell Vikki, Phyllis explains (with Billy)