Wednesday, April 26th

He’s really outdone himself this time, Nick agrees. Nikki won’t let Victor buy himself back into her good graces but she can’t cancel the donation. She’s even OK with her name being on the building but has no intention of playing doting wife at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Vikki and Nick worry that stress will make Nikki’s MS flare up. You haven’t had an episode, have you????

Billy and Phyllis stop the elevator. He tried to tell Vikki but she was summoned off for a family emergency. Phyllis didn’t tell Jack either. She could go tell him – or they could go make out. Billy will tell Vikki as soon as she gets back – then we can be out in the open ~kiss~

Jordan talks Lily through her photo shoot – sexy smile, like you have a secret. Watching Lily pose in the camisole gives Cane flashback of being in bed with Juliet. As he leaves, Lily briefly wonders why then tries to get back into model mode.

Ashley talks about a plant extract she hadn’t hear of – and what transpired with the self-absorbed Benjamin Hoffman. She wants nothing to do with him. Jack hopes Ashley had some fun. She did, at the opera with Ravi. We’re having a mad, torrid affair, she jokes. On his way out, Jack bumps into Ravi and chats about what an ass Hoffman is.

Nikki assures her kids that she’s taking care of her health and will tell them if she has symptoms. Getting a text from Billy, Vikki confides that she wants him back (but can’t because of their secret) Thinking that unfair, Nikki has something Vikki can tell Billy that’ll end all of his questions.

Putting the poster board out of sight, Nikki’s now alone with Nick – he hates what this secret’s doing to them. It’s not too late to go to Paul. No, what Victor did will taint this family and our businesses and charities. Dad should be in prison, Nick worries that Victor will worm his way back into his Mom’s life – you still love him. Nikki agrees – but vows to be strong. This story can’t end the way it always has before.

Pacing around Jabot’s hallway, a tear rolls down Phyllis’ cheek as she fantasizes about her and Billy telling Jack that they’re together. He’s not happy about it but has no choice but to accept it.

Billy meets Vikki at the cafe in the park. She apologizes for rushing off and shutting him out – I DO trust you. You were right. I’ve been keeping something from you. I made a promise but sometimes promises have to be broken.

Now seated, Vikki tells Billy that her Mom’s MS has been flaring. She didn’t want anyone to know. Billy’s sorry to hear it – she seemed good at Reed’s party. He assumed it was about Victor. Vikki’s not impressed with her Dad – he left town without telling anyone. She’s sorry for taking her frustration out on Billy. Hearing that this was causing problems, Nikki OK’s her confiding in Billy.