Wednesday, April 26th

Nick knows that Victor’s counting on Nikki taking him back. He’ll wear you down. Don’t give him power over you. Walk away from him emotionally. The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference, Nikki remembers. Nick feels that she must truly be on her own to prevent history from repeating itself.

On a break, Lily joins Cane in the conference room to ask why he left. Cane claims he has emails to return. He’s not paid to watch his wife (who sits in his lap and offers to bring the camisole home if he likes it that much) In the lab, Jordan confides to Juliet that Cane’s not totally onboard with Lily modeling again. Break over, Juliet sends Lily off to finish the shoot. You need to chill, she warns Cane.

Nikki joins Jack at his table at Top of the Table to say that she needs to get her mojo back – and you’re just the man to help me do it.

Ashley wants Ravi’s help in developing a new line. He wonders how much time she’ll be spending at the new lab. She’s not sure – it could be intense at the beginning. Ravi then invites Ashley out for dinner (which she wastes no time agreeing to)

Phyllis puts a stack of papers on Gloria’s empty desk and calls to make a reservation for two; the most romantic table you have.

Vikki wishes she’d come clean with Billy sooner. He’s just relieved to hear that Nikki will be OK. Thanks for understanding, Vikki now asks what Billy wanted to tell her. It’s OK, I can handle it, Billy says.

Nobody knows that camisole is mine – you can’t tell Lily! Juliet stops Cane from going to confess to Lily. I moved thousands of miles for this job. Stop bringing it up. Bringing what up? Lily appears to ask.

Next: Vikki asks Billy if they can start over again – do you think that’s possible? ….. Jack’s suspicious of Nikki – you asking for advice on how to get your guru back makes me really wonder what’s happening between you and Victor … We were just discussing, Cane begins. We need to be straight with Lily, Juliet interrupts.