Friday, April 28th

Jack comes home to find Ashley (dropping off a ‘swag bag’ for Mrs Martinez) They discuss Ravi – and Gloria; give me one reason we shouldn’t get rid of her. No! No! OMG! Ashley’s horrified to realize what’s going on between Jack and Gloria.

Victor takes exception to Nikki bringing Jack into their home. No, Nikki didn’t reveal Victor’s secret – she keeps her word. Victor thought she’d come to her senses – you’re irrational. Think about this, seriously. Victor understands Nick and Vikki; they’ve stabbed him in the back before – but he thought Nikki of all people understood him. Is that what you think? Nikki replies.

Nikki unfolds her arms to snatch the poster board for the research facility. Victor denies it’s a grand gesture – he wanted to make amends for the death of his son. Why is Nikki so cold? He again disses the kids and asks why the love of his life has turned against him. Nikki now decides she won’t let Victor stay in the house with her.

Devon warns Jordan that he’s getting Hilary’s best right now. No, she’s not his problem anymore but Devon wants what’s best for his ex. When she feels insecure, Hilary tries to manipulate people. Good luck, the chat concludes on a positive note when Mariah and Jordan return.

Jack tells Ashley that he and Gloria are friends with benefits. She was your stepmother! Ashley’s aghast. Jack’s not ashamed. You SHOULD be ashamed and don’t try deflecting to Ravi – they aren’t in the same category!

Back at the office, Vikki hopes Billy knows she meant everything she said about him tonight. He does but doesn’t need the compliments. His issue isn’t with Vikki, it’s with Cane.

Now home, Lily also notes that Cane was quiet in the car – is this about Billy? He lies, manipulates, Cane informs Lily that Billy’s back with Phyllis and making excuses why he hasn’t told Vikki. He doesn’t want to see her get her heart broken again.

Ashley doesn’t understand why Jack’s with Gloria – this is what you do when you feel abandoned. It goes back to our Mother leaving us, she suspects. When Ravi arrives, Jack says ‘she’s all yours’ and leaves him to present Ashley with a single red rose that elicits an ‘awwww’.

Nikki’s having Victor moved into the guest house tonight. If anyone asks why you can tell them you’re working on that whitewash you’re calling an autobiography.

Lily hopes Cane doesn’t plan to use this info against Billy – it’s none of our business, stay out of it.

Surprised to find Phyllis in his office, Jack updates her that Ravi showed up at the house to see Ashley. He hopes they’re on the same page. He also saw Nikki tonight. Wait – Phyllis is surprised to hear that Nikki’s in good health.

Look at us, all sophisticated and classy, Hilary comments. Jordan thinks it was classy of Hilary to give Devon a shout out on her show.And now Jordan must take this classy lady home. Let’s head back, Devon assures Mariah that he’s more than OK – it’s nice to trust the person you’re with. Mariah doesn’t need all the praise, she’s not Hilary. Knowing that, Devon gives Mariah a kiss. Waiting for the elevator, Hilary turns to watch.