Friday, April 28th

No, Jack saw no signs that Nikki’s MS was flaring up; she was better than he’s seen her in a long time, talking about getting her mojo back and playing piano. She was fine until Victor showed up. Bastard, Phyllis hisses.

Cane’s passive aggressive comments have been getting on Billy’s nerves. Vikki thinks it more important that she and Billy are in a good place. She doesn’t want to ruin any progress she’s made. Come to the house and say goodnight to the kids. Billy tries to back out then agrees; sure, why not?

Lily doesn’t think Cane should be the one to tell Vikki. You proved your worth in Tokyo. Vikki will be embarrassed, Billy will be out for blood. Another reason to keep quiet is you, me and Juliet.

Back at the ranch, Nikki and Victor have it out. Furious, he doesn’t need any of them. You’re a bunch of hypocrites! Victor slams out.

Ashley and Ravi discuss Phyllis horning in on their date. Both want to do it again (without the chaperone) Goodnight. Goodnight. There’s no kiss but Ashley’s left smelling her rose and Ravi leaves looking quite happy.

At the club, Hilary thanks Jordan for a delightful evening. Who says it has to end? he gives her a kiss. Both having to get up early, they part ways (Hilary left to look at her ring finger)

Lily claims that hiring Juliet was a game changer for BnS – don’t ruin it by getting involved with some workplace sex drama. We’re solid. Whatever’s going on won’t end well – stay away from it. Cane sighs – you’re right.

Billy wishes Vikki had told him about Nikki’s MS earlier. No more secrets, they agree. Pissed, Phyllis watches them hug through the glass.

Next: I will not be the other woman, Phyllis vows. You’re not gonna play me that way. Stop it! she shoves Billy away when he tries to kiss her…. Kevin updates Gloria – well it turns out that I’m Bella’s biological Father….. Chloe looks scared when Victor walks into her hotel room and slams the door behind him.