Monday, May 1st

Arriving at Victor’s office to hear him ordering roses, Vikki says that won’t sway Mom – then is sorry to hear they’re for an employee who’s in the hospital. She’s there to make sure he got the car keys back – she won’t let Victor control Reed the same way he did her.

Entering BnS, Cane flashes back to overhearing Billy tell Phyllis that she’s the only woman in his life. After last night, I have new insight into you, he taunts Billy.

Phyllis runs into Scott at CL’s. Complaining about her love life taking a nosedive, she thinks maybe he can help her out.

At the penthouse, Neil and Devon are excited that construction of Hamilton Winters is ahead of schedule. Devon already has a company to acquire; Mergeron Enterprises. Yes, Neil’s very familiar with it – the owner has quite a history with the Abbott’s.

Having enjoyed Mrs Martines’ breakfast, Ashley nags Jack about Gloria and is told that he paid Nikki a visit (with Victor out of town) You never learn, Ashley’s unimpressed.

Neil informs Devon that Mergeron’s CEO, Dina was once married to John Abbott. She’s Jack, Traci and Ashley’s Mother, Devon concludes. Dina’s company is a powerhouse. She’s the real deal, a savvy businesswoman – she walked out on John and the kids, Neil adds. So acquiring Dina’s company might be a problem for the Abbott’s, Devon figures.

Over coffee, Jack updates Ashley that Nikki asked for advice on how to improve her life. Yes, he suggested she divorce Victor (who then walked in) Nikki’s done with him this time, Jack’s sure. When he brings up Ravi, Ashley again brings up Gloria.

Back at CL’s, Phyllis asks Scott if any of the Newman’s he’s interviewed mentioned Nikki’s health. Nope. She’s fine, Scott saw no signs of Nikki’s MS. When Mike arrives, Scott leaves him with a glum Phyllis. Start talking, he orders.

Cane wishes Jill was there to see Billy and Vikki getting close again. Why do you care? Billy asks. Maybe we’re getting back together – maybe we’re just playing nice for the kids. Maybe you could tell the truth for a change, Cane responds.

It’s not control, it’s love, Victor claims; Reed’s car, putting Abby in charge of CEO, investing in Chelsea 2.0. If Vikki wanted Reed to have a car she’d buy it herself. They then argue about ‘forgiveness’ and Victor making a pact with the woman who killed Adam.

Phyllis confides in Mike – Billy claims that he couldn’t tell Vikki they’re together because Nikki’s MS has flared up. But according to Jack and Scott, she’s healthy. And, she saw Billy hugging Vikki. Yes, Phyllis was spying. Mike suggests Nikki is ill and Billy was comforting Vikki. Try talking to Billy. Oh, we’ll talk alright, Phyllis fumes.

Ashley and Jack discuss Dina abandoning them – we were so lucky to have John as a Father. Both have issues because of Dina. Thanks for screwing us up Mom, they clink coffee mugs.