Monday, May 1st

Scott stops by Victor’s office to update that the book’s going well and that Nikki asked him to stop (but wouldn’t specify why)

Vikki, Billy and Cane are having a tense business meeting when Vikki pulls Billy aside to talk about Johnny. Cane’s left to read a message Phyllis sends to Billy – Elevator, hurry!

Scott relays Nikki’s concern that everyone who Victor’s wronged will attack en mass over this book. Victor’s not concerned that social media will go crazy – especially over Chloe murdering Adam. Telling Victor about the letters, Scott thinks the cops will find Chloe eventually (but hints that Victor will find her first)

Thanks for squeezing me in, Kevin tells Mike (still at CL’s) He needs advice on what to tell Bella about her Mom. Kevin’s struggling – part of him forgives Chloe for murdering Adam.

Billy goes into the conference room to fetch his phone then leaves in a hurry. Vikki’s busy on the phone but Cane follows to watch Billy step into the elevator with Phyllis (who wastes no time confronting Billy on lying to her) Nikki isn’t sick! Phyllis insists. I won’t be the other woman, she shoves Billy away when he tries to kiss her.

Mike chuckles – he’s so proud of his baby brother. And forgiving Chloe is the best thing he can do for Bella (who can learn the truth when she’s older) Kevin loves his kid; MY kid. Suddenly remembering Gloria, Kevin better tell her before she hears it elsewhere.

Gloria slams the door to Jack’s office and slams a folder on his desk to get his attention. Jack forces himself to be polite. They haven’t hooked up because he’s been busy. He is sorry if Gloria felt ‘abandoned’. Who’d have thought we’d be in this position, they muse. Certainly not John Abbott, Jack concludes.

Still at the penthouse, Neil continues – Dina hasn’t been in the kids’ lives for years but family’s complicated. Devon doesn’t want to back away from a deal on account of the Abbott’s. Neil agrees – Victor would be all over it.

Victor will not go after Chloe; not because he’s forgiving but because he doesn’t want to go to prison. Leaving, Scott’s reminded that Victor calls the shots, no one else. Victor’s left to flashback to surprising Chloe in her motel room.

Cane hurries Vikki off to a meeting. She should leave now because traffic’s bad. He saunters into the hallway to watch her push the elevator button. It’s not working, she huffs. Cane will call maintenance.

In the stopped elevator, Phyllis wants the truth from Billy. He’ll tell Vikki – then goes on about his lust for Phyllis until she kisses him passionately.

Neil agrees with Devon; Mergeron would be an excellent acquisition but we’ll have competition. That’s why Devon’s arranged for them to go to Paris to meet Dina.

Ashley thanks Ravi for delivering a rose to her house last night. Taking risks is good, they agree. Ashley then confides that she may have Mother issues. Why has she never mentioned her Mother? Because I hate her.

Jack’s ends his call with someone who directs his attention to an online headline; Mergeron Enterprises for sale.