Monday, May 1st

Gloria joins Kevin on the CL’s patio (as summoned) No, Chloe hasn’t been found. This is about Bella. Gloria’s sorry she has to grow up with either of her parents. She won’t be – turns out I’m Bella’s Father.

No more interruptions today, Victor says then hangs up the phone to flashback to reminding Chloe what he said would happen if they ever crossed paths again. You’d lose everything, Victor scowls down at Chloe. I’m not crazy, she claims. Then you killed my son and you’re sane – what do you think I’ll do with you? Kill me, Chloe’s terrified.

Ravi thinks ‘hate’ a strong word. He’s sorry to hear that Ashley’s Mother left her kids and never looked back. Listing Ashley’s qualities, Ravi assures she’s nothing like her Mother.

Kevin’s relieved and surprised by Gloria’s reaction. Oh, the fun Bella and her grandmother will have. Gloria vows to do her best. We’ll give Bella everything we can. Kevin wishes he could tell Chloe that he’s happy that Bella’s his.

Adam didn’t suffer, Chloe promised Victor. He reaches into his pocket to pull out… an envelope – money to disappear. Or Victor will drag her back to GC to face murder charges. OK, Chloe agrees but there are two men who might be Bella’s Father. Victor instructs Chloe to write both letters – he’ll see to it they get them.

Punching the elevator button a few more times, Vikki decides to take the stairs. No, Cane’s on the phone with maintenance; they’re getting it going. The elevator doors open to Phyllis and Billy kissing. OMG, Vikki’s stunned, as are Billy and Phyllis. Cane hovers.

Next: You’re not even a little curious as to why our Mother has her company up for sale? Jack asks a sour faced Ashley… On a private jet, Neil cautions Devon – let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There’s no guarantee this deal will close … Victor tells Abby that they haven’t made a big acquisition in a while – this might be a good time.

My Thoughts: Have a seat, Mike says. He and Kevin act like they’re in Mike’s office instead of the local coffee house. Like Mike has a rigid schedule that he needs to ‘squeeze’ Kevin into …. Dina Mergeron hasn’t been mentioned in decades; why on earth would we care that Newman, Jabot and Hamilton Winters are destined to battle over acquiring her company. Just sell it to the highest bidder. It’s not like her kids can pull Dina’s heartstrings … Initially, I thought involving Victor into Bella’s paternity revelation would ensure Kevin is not her Father, but what reason would Victor have for not dumping her on Billy? It’s not like Vikki would want to raise another of Billy’s offspring … Adam didn’t suffer? What about Chelsea and Connor? Chloe should be behind bars or in a padded cell. One day Nikki will forgive Victor and he will somehow spin this into protecting his family when really he’s just too cowardly to take responsibility for his role in Adam’s death. The family’s reputation and Vikki’s company are more important than justice for Adam … Vikki’s so ‘sorry’ to hear that a NE employee is in the hospital that she doesn’t even bother to ask who it is… Why does Newman Towers only have one elevator? Wouldn’t that be a huge safety issue that should be announced to all the workers who might be trapped should there be a fire?