Tuesday, May 2nd

You and her…. together, Vikki stammers. Nobody wanted it to come out this way. When Lily arrives on the scene obliviously babbling, Cane ushers her off as Vikki’s dying of embarrassment. Billy never wanted to hurt Vikki. Phyllis chimes in to say that Billy deserves a lot more than Vikki’s capable of giving.

Abby’s glad her Father’s back at the office. Ignoring all questions about where he’s been, Victor’s told everything’s fine at NE. He then updates that Abby’s grandmother’s in the news – her company’s up for sale. No, neither Jack or Ashley mentioned it. Surprised, Victor’s interested in acquiring Mergeron.

In their private jet, Neil and Devon are off to Paris to approach Dina. This acquisition will tell the world they mean business. Neil warns that buying a company is different from buying a building or TV show. Devon shouldn’t get his hopes high (that they’ll seal a deal)

Ashley reports higher numbers than predicted (after the trade show) Jack’s more interested by what he’s reading online. Ashley doesn’t give a damn about their Mother or her company (and marches out to prove it)

Devon has plenty of money – he’s barely touched Kay’s inheritance. Yes, but Neil knows this company is personal for Dina. There’s no sure way to get a yes out of her.

Abby knows nothing about her grandmother; Ashley never mentions her. Dina left for selfish reasons (while Victor’s Mother had to leave him in an orphanage) Victor remembers a tough, complicated woman who needed attention (and young guys) John and his kids deserved better.

After Billy complains about Vikki turning him off then on at will, Phyllis snarls that she’s always cared about Billy. She’s not ashamed of what they have; it’s not cheap – or about you. Billy wants me as much as I want him. Is that true? Is she the woman you want? Billy doesn’t reply immediately – so Phyllis decides they should talk. She’ll be at Jabot.

Gloria updates Jack – congratulate me – I’m a grandmother again. Kevin’s happy about it and Gloria must support him. How will Bella feel when she grows up to learn that her Mother left. What does that do to a child? Gloria needs Kevin to be brave and strong for that little girl (protect Bella like she didn’t protect her sons) The past has a nasty habit of becoming the present.

Bumping into Lauren in Ravi’s office, Phyllis asks about Bella and is chided for not telling her BFF that she’s back with Billy (Lauren heard it from Mike) Phyllis just got what she wanted – in the worst possible way.

How long were you and Phyllis sneaking around? Vikki asks when Billy chases her into the office. Billy was worried for Vikki’s sake (her Mom being sick and all) I’m so stupid, Vikki sits. She tried to apologize for the things she said – but you were already back in Phyllis’ bed. Vikki’s not sure which of them is the most pathetic.