Wednesday, May 3rd

Phyllis and Billy kiss in Ravi’s office. Are we really ready for this relationship? No lies or sneaking around? Phyllis is anxious due to Vikki’s horrified reaction. But maybe the elevator doors were meant to open when they did.

Down at BnS, Vikki’s all business and Cane’s concerned by what she just saw. Why keep Billy around? He’s a good Dad. Sure, but is that reason to keep him on here? Cane presses.

Handing Jack a folder, Gloria’s put some ideas together for new lipstick shades etc. Yes, that’s Ashley’s area – that’s why she brought it to Jack first. Learning that Ashley knows of their relationship, Gloria worries she’s fired.

Abby drops by the Abbott mansion to see her Mom – who heard from Victor that she’s been doing good work. Abby’s there to talk about Dina Mergeron – why don’t I know my only living grandparent?

Still on the private jet, Dina expresses surprise that Kay’s grandson is trying to buy her company. Are you going to tell me that Kay took you under her wing and taught you all about business? No, Devon admits that at first, he wanted nothing to do with Kay.

Jack had to tell Ashley before someone else did. He’s not firing Gloria – Ashley knows you’re doing good work too. Gloria’s not convinced – she hasn’t forgotten about the tainted face cream incident. Ashley will use our relationship to force you out as CEO, Glo warns Jack.

Abby wonders why her Mom never told her about Dina, other than that she walked out on her kids and never looked back – what if I run into her? Ashley didn’t want Abby to get hurt – she never reached out or acknowledged you. Ashley tears up – my Mother has no room in her life for her kids or grandkids; that’s who she is.

Back at BnS, Vikki wonders why Cane feels Billy should be fired – he can date whomever he wants. On company time and property? Cane doesn’t like that Billy embarrassed Vikki. And he can pick up the slack. As Cane places his hand on Vikki’s shoulder, Juliet arrives to wonder if she’s interrupting.

Still in Ravi’s office, Billy feels he should have been more careful – he knew Vikki was going to a meeting and wishes she didn’t find out the way she did. And now to tell Jack.

Ashley invites Abby to stay for dinner with her and Jack (once he’s home) Abby’s OK with Victor coming back to take over again. She’s learned to make decisions but has no time to elaborate when Ravi drops. Abby’s about to decide to stay for dinner when a text changes her mind. After Abby leaves, Ravi offers to help Ashley ease her stress.