Thursday, May 4th

When Scott arrives at the GCAC as summoned, Victor orders him a double Tequila. Coming through the revolving door, Phyllis and Billy spot Victor but decide not to let him ruin their evening.

Nick’s at Vikki’s hearing about how she got an eyeful of Billy and Phyllis making out on the elevator. Victor’s to blame for making them lie – we’re the ones paying the price.

Keep Buzzin’ GC, Hilary and Mariah wrap up the show and immediately start bickering about whether Mariah’s in the friend zone. Hilary knows when Devon’s into someone (and he’s not) On cue, Mariah gets a call from Devon. I was just talking about you, she walks away smiling.

At the ranch, Tessa apologizes for screwing up the seating chart for the benefit – she’s not familiar with the computer programs. Nikki guesses that Tessa doesn’t have the office experience she claimed to have.

Nikki’s not mad and she’s not firing Tessa (who promises to figure it out) You barely know me and let me work in your house. Nikki admires Tessa pursuing her music. Knowing she’s going to open mic night at Underground, Nikki will drive her and stay to watch Tessa perform. Speaking of performing, yes, Nikki does sometimes miss being onstage; the cheers and applause.

Back at the GCAC, Scott jokes about the Tequila putting hair on his chest. Victor’s busy eyeballing Billy (who’s barely listening to Phyllis at their table across the room but again declines leaving) Victor tells Scott that Phyllis is an acquired taste – then saunters over to smirk ‘isn’t this cozy’?

As Hilary hovers scowling, Mariah gushes on the phone to Devon. Oh wow, you’re sending a private car? Call ended, Mariah brags that she’s going on Devon’s private jet. ‘Later sweetie’.

At Underground, Noah shows Chelsea photos of Nick and Christian on his phone. Both agree it’s so awesome that he has his son in his life.

Victor senses intimacy between Billy and Phyllis (which is good news for Vikki)

Vikki asks Nick how Phyllis lures so many men. Nick’s relationship with her was a timing thing – talk to Billy, not me. He thinks I’m uptight and emasculating, Vikki whines. Nick doesn’t think trying to be like Phyllis is the way to get Billy back.

Jordan drops by GC Buzz to invite Hilary out to dinner. It’s not a good time, I’m exhausted – the show doesn’t produce itself! she snaps. Good night. Clearly frustrated, Hilary tosses papers off her desk after Jordan leaves.

So this is how the 1% lives, Mariah jokes as she joins Devon for dinner (including French champagne) on his jet. He calls the pilot to ask that he ‘zooms up fast’ when taking off. Mariah guesses that Devon’s trying to seduce her. Too bumpy a ride to kiss, Devon and Mariah laugh as they buckle up.