Thursday, May 4th

Talking about Tessa with Nikki, Noah’s reminded to get on stage and introduce her. All applaud as Tessa starts to strum, then asks if there’s a keyboardist in the house. More applause as Nikki gets up to hiss at Tessa – you’re in trouble. Nikki now accompanying her on the keyboard, Tessa sings her song.

Letting herself into the condo she once shared with Devon, Hilary tip toes around then grabs Devon’s coats from the closet and a bottle of wine. Her fury evaporates when she comes across a framed wedding photo (flashing back to Devon’s proposal) She hides when Devon and Mariah come home for a nightcap. There’s only one thing Mariah’s thirsty for ~kiss~

Katie comes down to show her Mom a drawing she did; including ‘Daddy’ of course. You miss him? I do too. Vikki then gets an idea – call Daddy and tell him goodnight. It might heelp you sleep better.

Kissing Phyllis on the sofa, Billy assures her that he’s right where he wants to be. Vikki hopes she’s not interrupting Billy’s evening but Katie misses him tonight. On speaker, Billy blows Katie a kiss. Phyllis leaves the room when hearing that Billy will see Katie tomorrow.

Billy can’t wait to see Katie’s picture. After I love you’s, Katie goes up to bed. Vikki apologizes for bothering Billy. S’OK, he knows today wasn’t easy but Johnny and Katie will always come first. Have a good night, Vikki says and hangs up. Everything OK? Phyllis comes down in lingerie to get the night back on track.

As Nikki and Tessa’s performance continues, Victor arrives to watch from the doorway.

Hilary pops her head up as Mariah ends the kiss. Last time she was here she left early. She’s staying tonight because she knows this isn’t about Hilary, it’s about us. Hilary crouches behind the bar, horrified as clothes come off and she hears Mariah and Devon making out on the staircase.

Next: We’re pursuing an international conglomerate; Mergeron Enterprises, Neil informs Ashley …. Thank God you’re not writing my Dad’s book – you’d probably just paint me as a bimbo, Abby lashes out at an amused Scott….Mariah gloats to Hilary – My life was sad and pathetic before Devon showed me the world and blew my mind.

My Thoughts: I can see Devon and Mariah’s kiss being impossible due to turbulence but they haven’t even started taxing down the runway! Did they hit a pothole? …. I’m not a fan of Mariah rubbing her relationship with Devon in Hilary’s face all the time – but what the hell was Hilary planning to do before being interrupted? Breaking and entering (even if you have a key) is a crime. She deserves to hear every moan and groan. That said, there’s zero chemistry between Mariah and Devon …. Oh what a coincidence and how odd that Jordan and Chelsea haven’t crossed paths in the fashion world before now. I’m not really interested in what shenanigans they got up to in their youth. They ‘did what they had to’? Plenty of people with no means manage to choose to become grifters and cons … Nikki misses the cheers and applause of an audience? What about the leering men shoving dollar bills into her g-string? Nikki gets applause at every benefit she throws together… Victor can sense the intimacy between Billy and Phyllis? I guess his spidey senses are tingling because he hasn’t had any in a while.