Thursday, May 4th

Noah asks his grandma for ID and informs Tessa that she’s getting a prime spot in the lineup; right after the yodeling triplets. Tessa has a cool idea for her set to run by Noah. Meanwhile, Nikki chats with Chelsea (both noting that Tessa and Noah are getting along well)

Walking away, Victor turns to ask one further question – does this mean Billy’s no longer at BnS? Nope – he and Vikki will continue to work and raise their kids together – that won’t change. Nice to see you, Phyllis, Victor mutters then returns to Scott to say there won’t be a book.

Unable to be in the same room as that sonofabitch, Billy throws money on the table and escorts Phyllis out.

Mariah was amazed by the lights while flying over Chicago and is thoroughly enjoying her comfy leather massage chair. They toast one another and kiss. To a night full of firsts, Devon smiles.

Scott has to ask if this is really Victor’s choice. Yes – but Victor will pay Scott anyway and is sure he’ll apply his skills elsewhere.

Over wine at the condo, Phyllis thinks it’ll get easier now that she and Billy are out in the open. She wonders why Billy’s so glum. Did we make a mistake?

Nick tells Vikki that she’s one of a kind – fight for Billy the way you fought for BnS. You’re the woman he has kids with, who he fell in love with over and over again. Nick’s off to meet Chelsea now – call if you need me.

Jordan? Chelsea’s stunned to see him at Underground. She’s got a new gig too – not like the old days. Don’t knock em – we had some fun, Jordan updates that he’s a photographer for Jabot now. Her legit gig is Chelsea 2.0. Nice girl, Jordan’s impressed. Chelsea emphasizes that she’s a completely different person. Jordan gets it – we won’t tell anyone about our former friendship.

Jordan’s done with shady nonsense but we were young, we did what we had to do. ‘Did’ – past tense, Chelsea reiterates. Jordan says she’s still as beautiful as ever and is about to hand over a business card when Chelsea spots Nick and runs over to kiss him. Who’s that dude you were talking to? Nick wonders. Your sister’s photographer at BnS, Chelsea thinks he seems like a nice guy.