Friday, May 5th

Jack finds a distracted Hilary pouring an excessive amount of sugar into her coffee at CL’s. How do you survive divorce without losing your mind? she wonders.

Mariah comes downstairs in Devon’s shirt – relieved that she’s not dreaming and surprised that she’s all ‘gooey’ about their night together. Devon’s surprised too – he could have sworn he locked the front door last night.

Neil drops by Jabot to update Ashley that Hamilton Winters is pursuing an international conglomerate; Mergeron Enterprises.

Joining Scott on the CL’s patio, Abby’s surprised to hear that Victor called off the book but hopes her chapter can be published in a high profile magazine at least. Yes, she’s serious; the article could be about young up and coming moguls. Scott informs that someone made a mash-up of all her online appearances – it’s trending right now. What!? Abby grabs Scott’s laptop – I want this to just go away!!

Victor walks in the main house to meet Nikki’s frosty glare.

Door now locked and Mariah’s phone alarm going off, she has to go home and change then get to work. No need, Devon says there’s plenty of clothes there. Wear Hilary’s clothes to work? Mariah doesn’t think that a good idea. If she wanted them, she wouldn’t have left them, Devon reasons.

Back at CL’s, Jack and Hilary discuss divorce – Devon has another woman in his bed. Jack’s sorry but he’s also sure that Hilary will move on too. Devon’s wasting his time with this woman, Hilary rants. This is divorce pain, Jack knows that Hilary’s hurting. Don’t be angry – you’ll love again, he promises.

You can’t wish it away – that’s not how the Internet works, Scott takes his laptop back to needle Abby about bathing in a giant champagne glass. Abby explains that it was for a reality show. OMG – some guy made a joke about champagne at a meeting recently! she covers her face. Claiming she’s earned respect, Abby’s now grateful Scott’s not writing her Dad’s book – you’d just paint me as a bimbo.

As Victor flips through the mail, Nikki suggests he go do that at the guest house. She’s annoyed to hear that he saw her perform with Tessa last night (unaware that anything’s amiss, Noah invited him) Victor then surprises Nikki by announcing that he’s canceled the autobiography.

Has anyone seen Mariah?! Hilary’s shouting at the staff when Mariah arrives. Did you get airsick on Devon’s jet? she snarls. Mariah sighs – yes, her life was pathetic until Devon showed her the world and blew her mind. Hilary flashes back to hiding/overhearing Devon and Mariah last night. The bickering continues as Hilary vows to tell it like it is (on air)