Monday, May 8th

At GC Buzz, Hilary’s managed to pull the dress off Mariah and is trying for a good chunk of hair. Devon doesn’t care about you! she screeches and they throw each other around. Oh he cared – he cared ALL night long! Still attached, Mariah screeches – has Hilary slept with Jordan’s Dad yet!?

At the penthouse, Devon and Neil celebrate sealing the deal to buy Mergeron Enterprises. Devon really feels his life is headed in the right direction now.

Huffing and puffing, seated on the studio’s floor, Hilary and Mariah have exhausted themselves. You can wear my clothes and have all the sex with Devon you want but you’ll never replace me in his heart, Hilary snarls then gathers her stuff and leaves Mariah speechless.

Nikki comes home to find Nick watching an upload of her performance with Tessa at Underground. Changing the subject to Nikki’s Better Days Benefit – she appreciates Nick donating a VIP package. He’s proud of his Mom for ‘slaying it’. He loved seeing her have fun, forgetting about Dad.

As Tessa strums her guitar at the park cafe, Kevin updates Chelsea that Bella’s his. They disagree on whether Chloe’s a murdering whackjob or a sick woman the system failed. How was she even released from a mental hospital? Kevin has to ask.

Seated behind his desk, Victor describes Abby as ambitious and headstrong – Scott’s to help her make the right decisions. You want me to spy on her? Scott doesn’t seem impressed with the assignment.

Scott has no corporate experience. What he knows of the ‘real world’ is corruption, embezzlement – is that what you want me to teach Abby? Victor wants Scott to help Abby develop ‘street smarts’ – he won’t be a babysitter. On cue, Abby pops her head in and offers to come back later. No need – Scott’s the reason Victor asked her to come back.

Nikki and Nick discuss Noah summoning Victor to the club (unaware of the marital discord) Insisting she’s fine, Nikki vows that Victor won’t break her this time. She then confides that Tessa might be living out of her car. Nick’s concerned about his Mom getting involved in Tessa’s life.

Back at the cafe, Kevin and Chelsea continue to butt heads over Chloe but agreeing that Bella should come first will set up a playdate. Kevin doesn’t know where Chloe is but hopes she’s safe.