Tuesday, May 9th

Phyllis smiles at a text from Billy (he can’t wait to tell her about his big win at work) Jack appears with a cumbersome folder – just the woman I’m looking for. He needs a comprehensive report on the impact of e-commerce on brick and mortar stores by June 1st. Is this punishment for Billy? Phyllis wonders. Nope – but Jack plants a seed of doubt; Vikki’s a Newman, she won’t give Billy up without a fight.

Cane’s told that Juliet will now be working on Billy’s project. Whatever it takes to get the job done, he mutters. Alone, Billy again thanks Vikki for keeping things professional. Both look forward to going to LA – everything should work out perfectly.

Vikki comes face to face with Phyllis as the elevator doors open. Yes, she’s here to see Billy but wants to speak to Vikki first – this won’t take long.

At CL’s, Lily’s so excited about this commercial. Jordan worries Cane’s not so excited – and if you get nervous, just look at me. I’ll be with you the whole way.

Back at BnS, Cane and Billy take digs at one another – and discuss who’ll be the one left on the outside.

Standing at the elevator, Phyllis apologizes for jumping in the other day; it wasn’t kind or classy. I should have kept my mouth shut. Vikki understands – it wasn’t our finest hour. She and Billy had a good talk when he came to see the kids this morning. He wants to tuck them in EVERY night – I hope that won’t be a problem. No, Phyllis knows Billy’s world revolves around his kids. Back and forth it goes – with Phyllis boasting that Billy wants to celebrate with her tonight. Yes, we’re going to LA – it should be a trip to remember, Vikki smirks as the elevator door closes.

Ashley tells Scott that he’s lucky to have Abby showing him the ropes. You’ll make a great team. After Victor leaves for a meeting, Scott says he was also surprised by Victor’s job offer. Ashley can see that Scott’s a good person. Don’t make my daughter look bad or you’ll have to answer to me, she’s half-joking. In the hallway, Victor assures Abby that if she didn’t do anything to make him doubt her loyalty, she has nothing to worry about.

Chelsea looks over the fake passport Victor got for her when she was to escape with Adam (the last name is Rasmus, it means beloved) Odd that Victor chose that last name. Hmmmm.

Next: Abby whines; I’m sure he’s drooling over finding proof that I’m not a loyal daughter. Only if there’s proof to be found, Ashley reasons … Jack asks Vikki if she’s keeping Billy at BnS for business or personal reasons…. Do you know where he went? Phyllis asks Juliet (who’s pleased to inform that Billy went to Vikki’s house)