Tuesday, May 9th

Vikki’s perfectly fine with Billy dropping by unannounced to check on Katie. She slept well after talking to Billy and has already gone to school. Billy has something else on his mind he’d like to hash out.

At CL’s, Phyllis assumes correctly that Nick knows she’s with Billy – and how Vikki found out. Are you blaming us for how upset she is? Phyllis seems surprised.

In Jack’s office, Ashley’s stunned to hear that Billy’s with Phyllis – and that he found out a couple of days ago and is only telling her now. Jack claims he’s fine with it – he encouraged Phyllis to move on. Ashley doubts Jack’s OK with it being Billy.

Jordan’s at Chelsea’s to update that he’s reached out to two counterfeiters to see if they made fake passports for Chloe. You won’t like what I found out.

Victor informs Abby and Scott that he’d like them to acquire a digital media company – together. Abby’s given the OK to make decisions but must make use of Scott’s real life experience. Ordering Scott to put together a list of ten researched companies, Abby exits quickly.

In the conference room, Cane and Juliet work on a press release – and discuss Vikki and Billy. Hearing that Cane told Vikki he can count on her, Juliet suggests he might get promoted to second in command (an idea Cane clearly likes)

Billy wants to make sure things aren’t weird for Vikki so would like to set a schedule of when he can come say good night to the kids. Vikki’s fine with every night – but doubts Phyllis will go along with that. She’ll understand, Billy’s sure – and wants to stay in the ‘good place’ he and Vikki are in.

Now seated at CL’s, Nick asks Phyllis if she’s sure she wants Billy. This is no rebound – we’re the real deal, Phyllis assures – we’re not trying to hurt anyone. Well, Vikki did get hurt, Nick claims that she had reasons to push Billy away.

Jack insists that he and Phyllis were doomed by what Victor did to them. Billy took advantage but there’s no way they’ll live happily ever after. Ashley wonders what the chances are of her brothers reconciling. Slim to none, Jack responds.

Vikki and Billy praise Cane and Juliet’s work. Billy then pitches an idea – TV ads to capitalize on Lily’s pro hockey tour. We can get it done by the finals. He’s even got a director who’ll work for scale. Cane’s not happy when his questions about cost are dismissed – Vikki likes the idea.

Nothing? How can that be? Chelsea’s stunned. Jordan’s contacts are basically in retirement (or dead) due to new technology. Whoever helped Chloe with passports has serious cash. The Chelsea Jordan knew would not give up. You’re right – Chelsea WILL find Chloe and whoever’s backing her.