Tuesday, May 9th

Victor wants Scott to monitor Abby; find out who she associates with, what tasks she takes on and those she delegates. Scott doesn’t understand why Victor doesn’t trust Abby. Victor knows the business, and what ambition and quick success can do.

Abby brings news to Jack – Dad canceled his biography and gave Scott a bogus title (but he’s really my babysitter) This is about my Dad’s attitude towards women! Abby rants. Jack knows Scott won’t get anywhere at NE – he’s not a Newman. Keep an eye on both him and Victor – play this very carefully. Play what carefully? Ashley barges in to ask.

Mentioning Scott’s attire and hearing he has one suit for weddings and funerals, Victor orders him to wear it.

Lily and Jordan now at the BnS meeting, they’re thrilled to hear about the TV commercials. Juliet suggests a ‘making of’ behind the scenes look for the website. Cane’s the only one worried about cost.

At the penthouse, Nick doesn’t think obsessing is good for Chelsea (who can’t let Chloe and her accomplice walk free) Accomplice? Yes – someone must be helping Chloe and Chelsea needs Nick’s help in finding them.

In the lab, Lily suggests Cane hook up with her during the shoot to drive up the coast, visit some wineries etc. Cane’s still bothered by Vikki siding with Billy (after he humiliated her) Lily doesn’t see a need for competition between Billy and Cane, and why can’t you be happy for me like I was for you when you closed the Asian deal? Apologizing, Cane hugs Lily. After she leaves with Jordan, he heaves a sigh.

Still in the conference room, Vikki’s assigning Juliet to help Billy. When Juliet hesitates over abandoning Cane, Vikki admires her loyalty – but I’ll handle him.

On the CL’s patio, Scott updates Phyllis that Victor’s taken him off the book and reassigned him to a fancy new title and office at NE. He hopes things work out between Billy and Phyllis (who warns that Victor manipulates people – don’t let him make your life something you don’t want it to be)

Chelsea’s frustrated that Nick wants to leave the search to the authorities – why shouldn’t we go after Chloe? It feels like you’re hiding something.

Ashley’s in Victor’s office scolding him for partnering Abby with Scott. I hope you’re not trying to undermine her. Victor doesn’t think Abby needs her Mother’s protection. This is OUR daughter! Ashley snarls. OK, Victor gets on the phone to summon Scott back to his office.

When Scott returns to Victor’s office, he’s asked to describe his new job to Ashley (to allay any fears she has where Abby’s concerned)

Nick doesn’t want to upset Chelsea – he hates that this situation’s coming between them. Chelsea must DO something. Please just go, she orders Nick out.