Wednesday, May 10th

Headphones on, Sharon doesn’t even notice when Mariah comes in to worry that she needs to take a break from studying. Devon arrives as Mariah’s upstairs getting ready for their date. So, you’re getting pretty serious, Sharon comments.

At the Baldwin apartment Scott updates his Mom that the book’s off – but Victor hired him as ‘senior VP of special projects’ (babysitting Abby)

Abby bursts into Jack’s office to blast Ashley for going behind her back about Victor hiring Scott. Ashley’s unapologetic – if Abby feels undermined, she (as her Mother) is going to step in. As for Scott, Ashley thinks he’s honest and has integrity. But he owes Dad his life and despises me, Abby worries he’s out to prove she’s a disloyal daughter. Only if there’s proof to be found, Ashley’s now worried – is there??

At Brash n Sassy, Juliet ends a call with an ad agency in LA. Billy’s happy that it’s all coming together but chides her for worrying about the cost (like Cane) Oh right, you admire him – poke me if I say anything unprofessional about Cane (which doesn’t take long) Billy praises Juliet’s work and she admires the way him and Vikki make things work for the kids (whom he’s off to see now)

Jack joins Vikki at the club’s bar to say he heard about the elevator incident – no one would blame you for firing Billy. Vikki’s not drowning her sorrows over Billy and Phyllis and isn’t going to fire the man who’s about to make her company a fortune (which piques Jack’s interest)

When Phyllis comes to Brash n Sassy looking for Billy, Juliet informs her that Billy just left – he’s at Vikki’s house. Phyllis doesn’t look pleased.

After Scott lists his job duties, Lauren thinks it sounds like spying. Yes, and Abby knows I’m just a glorified babysitter. Lauren thinks Abby could learn a lot from Scott, and HE could learn from Victor; he built his empire from nothing. Scott knows he must work for Victor because he saved his life – but wearing a suit to monitor a trust fund baby isn’t a job he wants.

Back at Jabot, Ashley knows Abby’s hiding something from her – is it about that tech incubator project? Ashley relays that Victor thinks working with Scott will make Abby a well-rounded executive. Abby thinks Scott a jerk and him knowing her Mom went running to her Dad will only make things worse. Do you know what you’ve done to my reputation!?

Why is Billy at Vikki’s? Phyllis asks. Oh right – to see the kids. Phyllis tells Juliet that she completely supports Billy spending time with the kids (but doesn’t look thrilled)

Still at the bar, Vikki continues to praise Billy – and she must thank Jack too for conceding the hockey contract. Doubting things will last between Billy and Phyllis – when it ends she wants things to go back to normal. Jack has to wonder whether Vikki’s keeping Billy on at BnS for business or personal reasons.