Wednesday, May 10th

Neil wants to identify Dina’s must-haves and disposables. Mariah thinks they should just ask her. Devon agrees, so Neil makes the call.

Dina answers the phone – hello? Neil leaves a message as Abby stammers a ‘Hi’. Dina’s in negotiations and not entertaining other offers. Not even from Newman Enterprises? Abby asks. Dina chuckles – I wondered how long it’d take Victor to come sniffing around.

Deciding they should regroup tomorrow, Neil leaves Devon and Mariah to enjoy their evening.

Ashley observes that Jack seems more focused on the family lately. Hopefully, Victor appreciates Abby. Jack concludes that no matter how old we are, we always want our parents’ approval.

Dina surmises that Abby must be new – she and Victor go way back. He won’t get his hands on my company. Give him my regards, it’s been far too long ~click~

Billy wouldn’t be able to concentrate with Phyllis in LA – he’ll make it up to her when he comes back. Phyllis gets a kiss that leaves her breathless.

Vikki calls to book a trip to San Diego; flight, hotel and tickets to all the attractions; 2 adults, 2 kids – a dream vacation for our family.

Scott helps Sharon study for her test then whines about feeling trapped by Victor. He has that affect on people, Sharon doesn’t think free-spirit Scott should settle for an ordinary life. She’s surprised when they kiss. It feels right, Scott kisses her again.

Next: You deserve to know where we stand with each other, Hilary tells Jordan …. Vikki’s not gonna go for that, Cane’s sure. She just did, Billy informs him and Juliet – pack your bags. We’re going to Hollywood…. Vikki tells her Mom that lying for Dad cost her Billy but this trip to California might win him back.