Thursday, May 11th

At the condo, Phyllis chatters happily to herself as she unpacks ingredients and prepared take out food.

Billy calls Vikki from BnS – there’s a problem with the commercial shoot but he thinks he has a fix.

In the conference room, Juliet gives Cane a list of studio sites. No, she wasn’t able to find anything cheaper. As Cane grumbles about cost, Billy announces that the ad’s about to get more expensive. We have to leave asap. Vikki won’t go for that, Cane claims. She just did – pack your bags, we’re going to Hollywood.

Oh wow, that came out of nowhere, Sharon stammers nervously. Scott’s thought about kissing Sharon for a while. I’m not officially divorced, she adds.

At GC Buzz, Mariah and Hilary exchange a few words. Jordan then arrives (as summoned) He’s not sure he can believe anything Hilary tells him.

Unable to convince Nikki into coming to open mic night, Tessa raves about her room and greatly appreciates it. Nikki assures that Victor won’t be disturbed by her playing guitar – he keeps to himself these days.

No, Sharon didn’t mention the divorce to put the brakes on. Scott’s excited to learn all about Sharon; everyone has a story. Mine’s not that remarkable, Sharon claims. I don’t need to be saved. Not saved, just heard, Scott concludes.

Billy and Juliet convince Cane to go along with the plans (if Vikki’s OK with the extra expense, he should be too)

At Underground, Vikki updates Reed that she’s leaving soon (putting Hannah in charge) You don’t trust me? Hearing the long list of duties he’d be responsible for; car pool, dentist, a birthday party etc. Reed now decides that he wouldn’t want to take work from Hannah. Vikki makes a point of saying that Billy will be in LA too – she’ll make sure this works out for everyone.

I DO need to be heard, Sharon suddenly goes on a rant about all she has on her plate. She then offers a mystery prize – 2 tickets to open mic night at her son’s club, drinks included. And off they go.

Done groveling to Nikki, Tessa’s off to Underground – Nikki’s staying home to make fundraising calls. Pausing, Tessa thinks it a ‘weird trip’ living in a place like this. Get used to it, Nikki sends her off.

Billy off to tend to details, Juliet wonders what’s bothering Cane. He doesn’t trust or like Billy. Juliet’s only working with him for this trip. Drop it, Cane hisses when he sees Lily.