Wednesday, May 10th

Scott paces – he’s not used to being stationary – he needs to write about injustices, civil liberties. Lauren feels guilty for sending Scott away so Sheila couldn’t find him. Is that why you can’t settle down? No – journalism was a calling. Lauren’s reminded of Scott’s Father; the most compassionate man she’s ever met. With a hug, Lauren hopes Scott will stay in GC. When Phyllis drops by, Scott says hello and leaves.

Jack thought Vikki and Billy were getting closer. We were (she flashes back to a kiss) I had to push him away. It’s a family thing, that’s all you need to know, Vikki’s suddenly in a hurry to go.

Mike and Neil are at Devon’s penthouse going over Dina’s counter-offer. There’s some provisions she probably didn’t mention during your meeting. Neil looks – no, she can’t be serious with this!?

Sharon saw Hilary’s show – she seemed genuine when wishing Devon well. Our marriage was over a long time ago, Devon knows that Mariah’s nothing like Hilary. Sharon blabs that Mariah made some mistakes when she first came to town but she’s a different woman now; honest and trustworthy. As the pair head out, Devon gets a text – uh oh, this can’t be good.

Family thing? Is it Nikki and Victor? Jack tells Vikki that Nikki asked him for help in getting her mojo back. Their marriage is rock solid, Vikki claims that she misspoke because of the wine – the Newmans are as united as ever. Jack’s left to look at Vikki’s tab and half full glass – it was the wine?

Ashley assures Abby that her reputation is intact. There’s nothing to worry about. Abby apologizes – here she is complaining about her Mom caring too much when Ashley’s Mom abandoned her. Following grandpa John’s advice to Ashley, Abby will bore Scott with her corporate world. Grandpa John was a genius and oh how lucky Abby is to have Ashley as her Mom. As they hug, Abby looks at the laptop screen displaying news that Mergeron’s for sale.

Now home, Devon scowls at the paperwork – Dina can just ambush us like this? She’s one cold negotiator, they all agree. Neil is too – we’ll go over this line by line, starting tonight. Mariah declines being driven home – she’s going to order pizza. As Mike leaves, Neil and Devon get to work on the contract. If Dina won’t budge? We walk away.

A distracted Phyllis confides to Lauren that she’s not buying Vikki being so nonchalant about her and Billy. She mentioned the kids and a business trip to LA (a trip to remember) Maybe she wants him back? She’s been playing games – lying about Nikki’s MS. And Jack’s convinced that Nikki and Victor are having problems. Lauren advises Phyllis to believe in her love for Billy ~hug~ When Mike comes home, Phyllis leaves Lauren to get all misty about Scott not finding a reason to stay in GC.

Sharon’s talking on the phone with a classmate when Scott drops by. Mariah suggested I need a break too, she then updates that she’s dating Devon. Scott shares his news – Nikki talked Victor out of writing the book. Sharon’s surprised to hear that Scott’s been assigned to work with Abby at NE.

Coming home to find the kids playing with Billy, Vikki pulls barrettes out of his hair and sends them upstairs to wash up for dinner. She then suggests the kids join them after the shoot to check out the San Diego Zoo etc. Billy thinks they should wait and see how LA goes first. Of course, Vikki won’t say anything to the kids until they know. Sounds like a good time, Billy says as he exits.

Now at Jabot, Phyllis won’t let Billy kiss her in front of Jack’s office – and how was your time with Vikki and the kids? Fun – just me and the kids. No, Vikki didn’t supervise. Phyllis ran into her earlier – she sounded very excited about the LA trip. Phyllis suggests they hook up for mud massages after the shoot; just you and me?

Jack and Ashley chat in his office about Abby. She’s going to surprise us all, he’s sure.

Seated at the GCAC, Abby makes a call – can I speak to Madam Mergeron?