Thursday, May 11th

Hilary manages to play the victim as she tells Jordan that about hiding in the penthouse, listening to Mariah and Devon. Going back to get her stuff Hilary couldn’t help herself – she had to save face. This divorce has been tough – it’s doing a number on my head, she weeps. Do I miss Devon? How long will it last? I’m a wreck. No, you’re human, Jordan just wants honesty (which he got tonight, so thank you) As they kiss, Jordan gets a text – he has to get to BnS. Yeah, we’re good, he gives Hilary a kiss and leaves.

Noah asks his Mom and Scott whether they’d like a private booth, dark, cozy? Naw, it’s a school night, they take a booth as Noah practically runs to the door to hug Tessa (who informs that she’s moved in with his Grandma) As she goes to put her guitar in the office, some guy snarls ‘you better be good honey’.

Apron on and ready to bake, Phyllis is watching a video on how to make chocolate souffle.

In the lab, Billy jokes with Lily. In the office, Cane assures it’s not about ‘you and me’, he’s letting Billy get to him – let’s drop it. Lily appears to ask what’s wrong.

Scott toasts to all the things he wants to learn about Sharon – he’s always been nosy. Sharon then tells him about a crisis line she’s volunteering at for school. There are times she could have used someone to call. Scott understands. Sharon recites a saying she heard – Once you climb up a ladder you look down and see if anyone needs help up.

In the office, Reed and Tessa discuss her new living arrangments and their duet. Noah comes along to give Tessa puppy dog eyes.

Lily and Cane apologize to one another – he agrees he needs to dial back the tension with Billy. Lily suggests Vikki just went along with Billy’s idea to put 2,000 miles between him and Phyllis.

When the oven timer goes off, Phyllis is delighted by her puffy souffle; Magnifique!

Vikki drops by the ranch to ask her Mom if she can stop by and check on the kids while she’s in LA. She wants to be there for Billy’s commercial, and Billy. Phyllis might be winning but I’m still in the game.

Hilary ends an exciting call – see you there, she hangs up and updates Mariah that she’s going to LA with Jordan and the BnS gang. Mariah’s not happy about being left behind – but that’s OK, she’s going on Devon’s private jet. GC’s budget will put Hilary in coach seating, cash bar.

Nikki now thinks it a mistake to tell Billy that her MS is why she was pushing him away. Vikki blames her Dad, not her Mom. She has a history with Billy and kids – what does Phyllis have? (besides the obvious) She might be able to win Billy back in California.