Thursday, May 11th

At BnS, Jordan gives Cane a list of iconic spots for taking shoots. There’s a lot of em – things could go right or wrong. Do your best, Cane says. Juliet and Lily are going over a rack of clothes. Billy’s distracted by a text from Phyllis, inviting him over for a tasty surprise. I gotta duck out, he’s about to leave when Cane stops him – there’s time to do this commercial without blowing the budget. We’re going big here – all in, stop trying to talk me out of it. That’s exactly what I’ll do, Cane’s clearly got a plan.

As Tessa and Reed entertain most with their duet, the rude guy heckles them. As they finish the song to applause, the rude guy staggers off. Running into him in the office, ‘angel face’ deflects his mauling hands and shoves him to the ground.

What happened here!? Noah manhandles the guy who calls Tessa a crazy bitch. Get out of my bar before I call the cops, he tosses the guy towards the door and hugs Tessa (who has a weird look on her face)

Scott brings Sharon home early so she can study. When she wants to talk, no need to call a hotline – just call me. Sharon bets Scott has even darker secrets than she does. Maybe that’s why we found each other, Scott leaves with a quick good night kiss.

Vikki still plans to get the kids to the zoo and theme parks in LA (to show Billy the things she can give him that Phyllis can’t)

Phyllis welcomes Billy in for his big surprise. You cooked? Just the dessert. Billy sighs – I have to go to the airport tonight. This looks amazing, he feels terrible. This was nothing, Phyllis is fine with Billy having to leave. She’ll be cheering him on from here. Call you from LA, Billy gives her a kiss and leaves Phyllis to slam the door (which deflates the souffle)

Next: I think you’re obsessed with my brother who just happens to be in LA with his ex wife….. Vikki and Billy soak up the sun on a rooftop. This is all you, Billy credits Vikki. OMG! It’s ME! Lily jumps up and down as she spots herself on a billboard.

My Thoughts: Sharon’s taking Scott to ‘her son’s club’? Um no, it’s your ex-husband’s club. I guess Noah didn’t get the memo either – get out of MY club! he throws the drunk guy out. Not sure about the States, but if a bartender threw an intoxicated patron out and he got in (or caused) an accident, the bar would be libel…. Phyllis and Billy are doomed – but if Vikki’s got to manipulate and use her kids to win Billy back, then I wouldn’t bet on their relationship working either … Tessa obviously has a backstory – but surely Nikki hasn’t hired another psycho (Veronica/Sarah, her ‘maid’ shot her and her last personal assistant Meggie, was slipping vodka into her drinks) Plus – isn’t it about time Noah had a healthy relationship with a normal woman?