Friday, May 12th

The BnS gang is in Hollywood; at the Beverly Palm Hotel. Vikki hands room keys to Juliet and Billy (who’s all business and sees no room for R&R, much to Vikki’s disappointment)

On a rooftop deck, Lily jumps up and down when she spots her giant ‘Dare’ billboard. Putting his issues with Billy aside, Cane plans to make sure Lily’s TV debut goes well – but hugging her, he smirks at Billy (with Jordan)

At the ranch, Noah tells Nikki that a drunk guy accosted Tessa at the club – her reaction was a little intense.

Ashley’s summoned Phyllis to Jack’s office – I heard you and Billy reunited. Let’s talk about that – come in, close the door.

Hilary’s also at the Beverly Palm – arranging interviews with only major players; she wants this trip to put her on the map.

Back on the rooftop, Jordan takes photos of Lily posing with her billboard in the background.

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As Callie goes to get things done, Juliet, Cane, Vikki and Vikki praise her vision. Cane’s given the OK to handle the behind the scenes footage. He promises to deliver (again glaring at Billy)

Ashley suggests that Billy’s in LA because he’s ashamed of their relationship. Maybe he’s avoiding YOUR lecture, Phyllis replies – even Jack’s OK with it. No, he’s not – but you don’t care how it affects Jack, Vikki, the kids. You’re happy at everyone else’s expense.

Mike reports to Devon and Neil at the penthouse – Dina accepted their price. But there’s other issues – and they may not be negotiable.

Noah relays finding the guy on the floor and Tessa was shaking. She kinda beat the crap out of the guy. Nikki hopes she’s OK. Noah’s not sure she is – that’s why he came by to check on her. Listening, Tessa appears and assures both that she’s fine. Nikki insists on having the cook make Tessa breakfast.

Phyllis loved Jack – Victor destroyed what we had. I couldn’t fix what was broken after Billy – Jack told me to move on. No, there’s no guarantees with her and Billy but Phyllis is willing to risk it. When’s the last time YOU risked something for happiness. You’re too busy being competent to give Ravi a chance. Ashley thinks Phyllis is obsessed with Billy – who’s in LA with his ex-wife. Phyllis leaves with doubt.