Friday, May 12th

Bags in hand, Tessa’s blocked from leaving by Nikki – I’m your friend. I don’t look at you with pity but with awe. You said yes to helping Reed and me. Nikki just wants Tessa to have an easier life. The ‘strings attached’ are Reed’s music lessons and helping with the benefit. Tessa tears up – how can you be so nice to me? Nikki takes her hand – you deserve it. Tessa fears she’ll wake up and all this will be gone. Nikki gives her word that won’t happen.

On the roof still, Vikki and Billy chat and laugh. Billy has the rest of the day all mapped out. There’s no room for a meal, Vikki notes – you need food. I’ll go get us a table.

Already at a table, Cane and Lily are enjoying champagne. Tonight he’s taking her out on the town. After he steps aside to take a call, Hilary arrives to glare at the billboard in the distance – I can’t get away from that woman. What are you doing here? Lily approaches to ask.

Sipping her drink, Hilary’s there on business (no, not on the Price Is Right; as fun as that was) We’re doing celebrity interviews – does Lily have a problem with that? When Jordan appears to referee, Lily says Hilary can have the rest of the city – she doesn’t want Hilary anywhere near her commercial shoot (and walks off) Cane’s on the phone specifying what camera footage he needs – cover one particular person – shadow Billy Abbott. Aside, Billy calls Phyllis to report that the magic happens tomorrow. He’s soaking up the sun right now. Vikki appears to loudly announce that she’s got them a table with a great view. Hanging up, Phyllis looks troubled.

Devon describes Dina as powerful and graceful – she doesn’t take nonsense, intimidating. She could be completely different in her personal life, he tells Abby.

Ashley arrives at the mansion looking for Jack. Instead, she finds Dina – it’s been far too long, she says.

Next: Gloria tells Jack – It’s obvious you no longer want to continue our friendship now that everyone knows about it….. What’s with you and Sharon? Chris asks Scott (who huffs) … Guess who’s made a beeline for Hollywood. Welcome to the Beverly Palm – do you have a reservation? Phyllis is asked (disguised in a head scarf)