Monday, May 15th

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley ignores Dina’s ‘lovely to see you’ and attempt at a hug. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? Would you have taken my call if I had? Dina replies.

Efficient as ever, Gloria bids Jack a good night. What’s the rush? Hot date? he asks. None of your business, Gloria notes that she and Jack haven’t been together for weeks – you don’t want to continue our ‘friendship’ now that everyone knows about it.

In California, Lily and Cane are still flirting on the rooftop. Nearby, Vikki and Billy discuss tomorrow’s shoot (which Billy’s nervous about) Vikki delivers a ‘pep talk’; she believes in his vision – let’s appreciate this moment, this perfect evening. The Ashby’s bid them good night and head off for dinner.

Vikki reminds Billy of a night they shared last time they were in town – when he almost got arrested for swimming on private property.

Sharon’s at the station with Scott (after working a shift on the crisis line for her psych class) Chris congratulates her and agrees that it makes one appreciate having a crisis-free life. She then insists on speaking to Scott. No, it can’t wait. After Sharon goes to wait outside, Chris questions what’s going on between them.

Gloria assumes Jack’s disinterested now because he’s embarrassed that everyone knows. He compliments Gloria on the way she’s handled the Kevin/Bella situation and denies he’s embarrassed by their ‘arrangement’. Gloria accepts the apology but if ‘lover boy’ really wants to make it up to her, he’ll come to the club.

Hearing that Mrs Martinex let Dina in, Ashley makes if clear that she and Jack don’t want her there. Dina notes Ashley’s glow – surely she has a line up of men. Ashley’s fine with her ‘friendships’ and makes a dig about Neil and Devon buying Mergeron. Dina can’t leave GC soon enough for Ashley.

At the club, Noah leads Tessa to his favourite table. She deserves to be brought to a classy place like this.

Brought into Paul’s office, Scott has no desire to discuss Sharon or any assignments – he’s working for Victor at Newman now. Chris is aghast – you hate to be tied to a desk. Scott feels he owes Victor and despite being shown ‘gruesome’ photos, won’t help Chris bust a sex trafficking ring.

In the hotel lobby, Hilary updates Jordan that Howard Green (GC Buzz’s former owner) has set up celebrity interviews for her. He thinks I’d do well out here (and Hilary loves the energy in LA) Jordan wonders if she’s thinking about sticking around. Would that bother you? Hilary smiles.

Pouring herself a glass of wine, Ashley offers Dina a ‘farewell’ drink. She and Jack aren’t interested in spending any time with Dina (who knows all about Jabot’s app – John would be proud) Ashley continues to snap ‘n snarl at Dina; who finally leaves – ‘give my love to Jack and Traci’. Ashley’s facade vanishes to near tears once she’s alone.