Friday, May 12th

Over drinks on the rooftop, Lily cheers to her new friend Juliet. Jordan appears to take photos (which Juliet tries to bow out of but Billy insists are going on the website) Cane joins Vikki to talk about doing a mini documentary of the shoot. She appreciates him backing off on the budget and Billy. Cane thinks it time he got some attention.

Jordan bumps into Hilary; who has a key to ‘our’ room (which they go up to check out)

Cane takes Lily off for champagne, Juliet assures Billy that she’ll get everything done. He’s then left to praise Vikki on reviving BnS. He wanted a moment alone with her….

Mike informs that Dina’s making extensive demands. She’s not retiring – she wants to be part of the venture. Madam Mergeron isn’t going anywhere.

Abby drops by Jack’s office to reiterate how lucky she is to have Ashley as her Mom – and admit that she called her grandmother. Why would you do that?! Ashley does not approve.

Tessa chides Noah for coming all the way out here – you could have called. Noah did – three times. Tessa slept like a rock – she’s fine now. Guys like that are an occupational hazard. As they agree to go on a date that night, Nikki returns with a tray of food. After Noah leaves, Nikki assures Tessa that she deserves all this. She understands the fight or flight instinct all too well – and she knows Tessa was living out of her car. Marching out, Tessa doesn’t want handouts and or Nikki’s pity.

Abby didn’t tell Dina who she was – she just asked about Mergeron. I shouldn’t have called behind your back, she admits. Dina was cold and made it clear she’d never do a deal with Newman. Abby’s surprised to hear the Neil and Devon are in the process of buying Mergeron. Ashley doubts she’d negotiating in good faith – she untrustworthy.

Neil wasn’t surprised by Dina wanting a seat on the board etc. She could become a problem, Mike warns. Devon doesn’t mind – Dina could be an asset. Neil agrees – she won’t have any control. This is the beginning of the Hamilton Winters dynasty. Let’s sign some papers.

As Mike leaves the penthouse, Abby arrives to congratulate Devon on the new company. He didn’t know her grandmother owned it but is excited about buying Mergeron. Did my grandmother ask about her family? Abby asks. No – but she spoke about Katherine. Having never met Dina, Abby wonders what she’s like.